Sponsor Display Information

A limited amount of space is available for sponsors confirmed at the SILVER level and above, to set up table-top displays in the poster display and refreshment break area.

Sponsor Display Set-up and Removal Times:

Move-in Displays: Sunday, April 14, 2024 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Move-out Displays: Thursday, April 18, 2024 5:30pm – 6:30pm
  • Space is limited. You will be provided with a 6’ by 6’ cube of space to accommodate one 6' x 24” x 30”h table draped and skirted, and two chairs.
  • A three-foot walkway will be maintained between each tabletop. Pop-up banners may be used, as long as they fit within the 6’ x 6’ cube of space.
  • Your table will be identified with a tent card, so you will easily see which table is assigned to your organization upon arrival.
  • If you plan to use pop-up banners behind your table, make sure your graphics department knows the important content needs to appear at the top. You may also use a freestanding foldout display.
  • Electricity is not provided.
  • Wireless internet will be available.
  • Posters and sponsor tabletop displays will be set up in the same ballroom. This is where daily morning, mid-day and afternoon coffee breaks will be served.
  • Displays serve as a forum to share informational materials, so a representative does not need to remain stationed at the table. The most effective interaction with attendees occurs during early morning, AM & PM coffee breaks, and the evening poster session reception.
  • We expect 350-400 attendees if you wish to bring materials and giveaway items.
  • Anyone attending and remaining at the conference must be registered. Those coming solely to set up the display do not need to register.

Shipping of Display Materials

If you require assistance with shipping display materials to or from the hotel, the Hotel will accept shipments no earlier than three (3) days prior to the arrival day of the convention. Please address all shipments to:

Attention: Guests Name - NCER 2024
Hold for Arrival (indicate date you are arriving at hotel)
The Clyde Hotel
330 Tijeras Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102 USA
Phone: (505) 302-6930

Note: If you are shipping multiple boxes, label boxes as follows: Box 1 of 3; Box 2 of 3; Box 3 of 3. Shipments should arrive no earlier than three working days prior to the conference, or April 10. Hotel shipping and handling charges may apply. Contact the hotel directly by phone at (505) 302-6930 to confirm package handling fees.

For further details about sponsoring NCER 2024, please visit our Sponsorship Opportunities page.

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