Call for Abstracts

Attention: Abstract submission is closed and all poster space has filled. Please email Beth Miller-Tipton if you have a late submission request and she will contact you if a poster spot becomes available.

NCER 2024 invites those working in large scale or small-scale restoration in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems from across the country, to submit an abstract for a talk or poster describing their efforts, science, projects, and results. Our goal is to develop a fully rounded agenda that ensures representation at every scale, with sessions that are integrative, cross- system, and that promote the transfer of regional-based knowledge to a broad audience.


Speakers are allotted 20 minutes which includes 5-minutes for Q&A. Presentations will be live and in-person.

  • Because space for talks and posters is limited, individuals may present once on the program either to give a talk or to serve on a panel, but not both. However, speakers and panelists may also present one poster.
  • If your abstract is not selected as a talk, you will be invited to present a poster.

Posters play a key role in the exchange of information at NCER and will be on display in the Exhibit Hall where daily networking functions are held. There is also a formal poster session allowing ample time for visibility and interaction with attendees. You will also be asked to submit a PDF of your poster. Limit of one poster per individual.

Please Note: When developing an abstract and presentation, go beyond providing technical information and project updates. Link science to decision-making, and emphasize the connection to restoration planning and strategies, and how the work can be:

  • Transferred for use in other regions or ecosystem types;
  • Utilized in eliminating issues of uncertainty in restoration implementation;
  • Scaled for use in smaller and/or larger restoration projects; and be
  • Communicated in a strategic manner to a range of restoration practitioners.

Publication of Presentations

Abstracts will be published electronically as a PDF. PDFs of speaker PowerPoints and poster presentations will also be available for post-conference viewing, by those who authorize their publication.

Presenter Requirements:

  • Abstract Submission Fee: A non-refundable fee of $25.00 per abstract is charged at the time of submission.
  • Registration Requirement: All program participants (speakers, poster presenters, panelists, and moderators) must register no later than November 17, 2023, to confirm participation and hold a spot on the program.
  • Registration Fees: Registration opens August 21. Until then, we anticipate early bird rates will be $650 - government and non-profit; $695 - corporate and contractor; and $450 - students and retirees. There are no one-day fees. The fee in place at the time you pay for registration is the fee that will apply.
  • Notice: NCER is booked at a relatively small venue, and we expect robust attendance. Once capacity is reached, we may close registration and establish a waiting list. To be assured a spot, register by November 17.

How to Submit an Abstract

Submission Deadline has Passed
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