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Society for Wetland ScientistsWe are pleased to announce the Society of Wetland Scientists and the Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration Conference will meet in conjunction with INTECOL 9, and their presentations on planning, policy and GEERscience will be integrated into the program. We welcome our colleagues to this premier event – the largest wetlands conference in the world.


Poster Presentations

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Session One

Biodiversity - Endangered Species

Biodiversity – Habitats

Biodiversity –Vegetation

Biodiversity –Wildlife

Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology - Biogeochemical Processes

Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology - Linkages between Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemical Functions 

Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology - Microbial Diversity and Functions

Climate Change - Carbon Sequestration

Communication Education & Outreach - Extension and Outreach

Communication Education & Outreach - Knowledge Transfer Tools 

Communication Education & Outreach - Undergraduate and Graduate Education 

Conservation and Management 

Ecosystem Restoration - Governance Policy and Politics

Ecosystem Restoration - Indicator and Performance Measures

Ecosystem Restoration - Large Scale Restoration Programs

Ecosystem Restoration - Monitoring and Assessment

Ecosystem Services - Valuation of Ecosystem Services


Invasive Species

Sea Level Rise - Coastal Wetlands

Water Quality/Contaminants - Emerging Contaminants

Water Quality/Contaminants - Metals Mercury

Water Quality/Contaminants - Non-point Source Best Management Practices

Water Quality/Contaminants - Nutrients

Water Quality/Contaminants - Oil Spills

Water Quality/Contaminants – Salinity

Water Quality/Contaminants - Toxic Organics

Session Two

Climate Change - Carbon Sequestration

Climate Change - Extreme Events

Climate Change - Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate Change - Hydrologic Processes and Variability

Communication Education & Outreach - Extension and Outreach

Conservation and Management

Constructed Wetlands - Design Criteria and Treatment Efficiency

Constructed Wetlands - Long-term Sustainability

Ecosystem Restoration - Large Scale Restoration Programs

Ecosystem Services - Valuation of Ecosystem Services

Extreme Events - Fire

Sea Level Rise - Coastal Wetlands

Sea Level Rise - Salinity Gradients

Sea Level Rise - Vegetation Shifts and Diversity

SWS – Student Mentoring Program(SMP)

Urban Wetlands

Wetland Assessment & Regulation - Creation Mitigation and Monitoring

Wetland Assessment & Regulation - Delineation and Assessment

Wetland Ecosystems Processes & Functions - Coastal Wetlands (Mangroves Marshes SAVs)

Wetland Ecosystems Processes & Functions - Freshwater Wetlands (Marshes Swamps Isolated Littoral Peatlands)

Wetland Ecosystems Processes & Functions - Hydrologic Processes

Wetland Ecosystems Processes & Functions - Landscape Ecology

Wetland Ecosystems Processes & Functions - Riverine and Floodplain Wetlands

Wetland Ecosystems Processes & Functions - Tropical and Subtropical Wetlands

Wetland Ecosystems Processes & Functions - Vegetation Dynamics

Wetlands in Agricultural Watersheds

Wetlands in Global Context


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