Optional Workshops & Meetings

Sunday, June 5, 2022

These activities are offered on a first-come, first-served, basis. Register early to ensure admission. Advance registration and in person attendance are required for all pre-conference activities.

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C-LOCK GreenFeed Systems

$50.00 USD

This workshop covers how to use the GreenFeed system to model, monitor, analyze, and control cattle biological parameters and identify opportunities to increase efficiency and productivity. Learn how to pinpoint problems, identify opportunities, and implement a cost-effective solution to save time and reduce operating costs.

Attendees of this workshop will learn:

  • Theories and principles of operating the GreenFeed system
  • GreenFeed deployment and experimental design
  • Pointers from actual GreenFeed users
  • Maintenance, calibration, and system design
  • ser interface, data review and analysis

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Reducing Enteric CH4 Emissions from Sub-Saharan Africa

No Cost to Attend

Livestock production in most African countries leads to very high levels of enteric methane per unit of product, as compared to livestock systems in developed regions. This workshop provides an excellent opportunity to network with researchers from partner organizations.

Workshop participants will:

  • Discuss findings on emissions of local cattle and small ruminant breeds
  • Explore different livestock systems scenarios for reducing enteric CH4 emissions
  • Learn more about measures to mitigate emissions while supporting and possibly improving livestock productivity

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Feed and Nutrition Network (FNN) Meeting

No Cost to Attend

Attend this meeting to find out more about FNN, CEDERS, the Global Network and the Flagship projects. You’ll hear updates about projects in progress and have an opportunity to explore the possibility of joining this concerted effort.

FNN provides a collaborative forum for scientists to:

  • Summarize and evaluate available data on mitigating GHG emissions of ruminants by nutritional means
  • Develop sound recommendations on methane mitigation by nutritional means for stakeholders
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and focus research on priority issues

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Data Management Workshop

$95.00 USD

The workshop covers the principles and basics behind i) general modelling GHG quantification and climate change mitigation in livestock systems and ii) the FAO livestock model GLEAM-i. A hands-on component involves practical work using the GLEAM-i model.

Workshop attendees will receive:

  • Four hours of personalized instruction by two livestock and climate change and modelling specialists
  • An overview of state-of-the-art methods for modelling GHG emissions and soil C changes at farm and national level
  • Basic skills using simulation models and tools for estimating GHG emissions and soil C changes at farm and national levels

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SF6 Techniques

$50.00 USD

This workshop presents the essentials and history of the SF6 technique, including SF6 Gas Handling and Tracking, SF6 Measuring and Monitoring Techniques. Attendees will rotate through three specialized stations to receive more in-depth instruction and explanation.

By attending this workshop, you will learn:

  • How the SF6 measurement technique determines the rate at which cattle release methane using a tracer technique
  • How a permeation device that releases SF6 at a known rate is placed in a cow’s rumen
  • The basics of fitting an animal with a halter and sampling system to collect ambient air over an extended period
  • How to analyze air samples for methane and SF6 and calculate the overall methane emission rate

Download Workshop Flyer (.pdf)

Manure Management Network Meeting (MNN)

No Cost to Attend

The Manure Management Network is a global forum for scientists focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production and increasing the nutrient use efficiency of manures. Manure management is the handling, storage and disposal of urine and feces from livestock, other than the manure deposited directly onto pastures by grazing animals.

MMN area of research interest includes:

  • Improving our understanding of drivers of greenhouse gas emissions from manures
  • Developing a directory of mitigation strategies that can be applied to the manure management chain
  • Policy recommendations for improving manure management to support SDG

The Manure Management Network is currently working on:

  • A compilation of mitigation methods and strategies
  • Meta-data reporting requirements for different greenhouse gas sources
  • Harmonizing protocols for greenhouse gas measurements from different stages of the manure management chain

Download Workshop Flyer (.pdf)

C-LOCK GreenFeed Systems In-depth User Training

No Cost to Attend

This workshop will be conducted onsite at GGAA 2022. You must attend in person to participate. The GreenFeed system is used to model, monitor, analyze, and control cattle biological parameters and identify opportunities to increase efficiency and productivity. Through a systematic approach that incorporates intelligent data-mining, measurements, and numerical modeling, this system can be used to detect problems that lower efficiency and productivity.

This In-depth GreenFeed User Training will cover:

  • Maintenance, calibration, and system design
  • User interface
  • Data review and analysis

Download Workshop Flyer (.pdf)


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