Detailed Agenda & Posters

We are pleased to announce an impressive presentation line-up for the 2024 UF Water Institute Symposium!

The 2024 Symposium will feature more than 275 talks, posters, and panel presentations by individuals from a broad range of disciplines and organizations to explore water issues from diverse perspectives, and across geographical and temporal scales. The 2024 Symposium will focus on innovative science, technology, art, education, communication, policy, and management advances that address pressing water issues. Potential topics include:

  • Water Quality Drivers and Impacts on Public, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health
  • Water Scarcity, Allocation and Reuse
  • Building Resilience to Extreme Events, Climate Change and Sea Level Rise
  • Hydroecologic connections across the Land-Sea Continuum
  • Water Governance and Environmental Justice
  • Intersecting Science, Stakeholders and Decision-Making
  • Education, Technology and Decision Tools for Improved Water Management
  • AI/Machine Learning, Big Data and Convergent Science for Water Systems
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