Extension Scholarships

UF/IFAS Extension is providing 12 scholarships (includes paid early registration and up to $250 travel) for County and Regional Extension agents to attend, present and/or judge at the UF Water Institute’s 9th biennial symposium. Preference will be given to Extension agents who submit an abstract. Recipients will be asked to judge at the Symposium’s poster competition.


Your participation in the symposium will:
  • Showcase how Extension programs contribute to sustainability of water resources in Florida
  • Increase your understanding of water issues in Florida
  • Further your ability to conduct effective programming to address Extension’s Roadmap priority of “Enhancing and protecting water quality, quantity and supply”
  • Provide opportunities for you to meet and make useful contacts with others in Florida’s water-resource community

How to Apply?

To apply for a scholarship, County & Regional Extension agents must fill out the application form by October 13, 2023.

When notified by the Water Institute that you have been selected for a scholarship:

  • Register through PDEC for the In-Service Training titled “Scholarships for 12 County Extension Faculty to attend the 2024 biennial University of Florida Water Institute Symposium”. You will get a chartfield to charge your travel expenses.
  • When registration opens in September, register and pay the fee for the symposium before December 13. Use a p-card or pay with your own check or credit card and get reimbursed by Extension. Please note that by receiving an Extension Scholarship you are participating in the Symposium as an Extension faculty and should pay as an Early Registrant (non-student).
  • Submit a Travel Authorization to be reimbursed by Extension using the chartfield that you received from the IST.


Funds to support this program are provided by IFAS Extension:
UF/IFAS Extension



Paloma Carton de Grammont
UF Water Institute
Phone: 352-294-7744