About ISBM Congress

Sharing new knowledge, approaches, and technological advances

The main goals of the ISBM Congress are to emphasize the importance of traditional morphometric techniques in the field of bone research and to make attendees aware of new technologies that result in refinements and advances in bone morphometric analyses. Prominent investigators will present recent advances in the areas of osteoporosis treatment, bone cancer, the coupling of bone resorption and formation during bone remodeling, osteocyte morphometry and function, lineage tracing of bone cells, bone imaging (intra-vital, single cell, and subcellular), the influence of biomechanics on developing bone morphology, and the relationship between marrow fat and bone function. An understanding of the proper use of morphometric techniques facilitates the education and training of basic scientists and clinicians in bone research. The amiable, intimate environment of the ISBM Congress is conducive to interactions among scientists that promote research collaborations.

The mission of the International Society of Bone Morphometry is to establish quality standards in bone morphometry as an essential research tool and to promote the dissemination of new knowledge, technological advances, and approaches to bone morphometry. To learn more about the International Society of Bone Morphometry (ISBM), feel free to visit their website at www.bonemorphometry.org

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