Presentation Topics

The ACES conference brings together international scientists, practitioners, managers, and policymakers from government, academia, NGOs, and the private sector who are interested in natural systems and their relationship with human well-being. We invite those actively working in ecosystem services to propose a session you think is a timely topic that would be beneficial and of keen interest to the ACES community. This year’s theme will focus on "Investing in Community Resilience and Equity”.

Presentations will focus on a diverse range of topics including but not limited to:

These overarching topics will form the major emphasis and organization of the conference in 2024; however, they are not intended to exclude or discourage submission of organized sessions and/or individual abstracts that may not fit within them that are relevant to ecosystem services.

We want to capture all emerging topics and new ideas critical to ecosystem services!

To learn more about presenting a talk or poster, visit the Call for Abstracts page for more information. Abstracts are due July 12.

*Ecosystem services may be known by alternative names (natural capital, ecological benefits, etc.); Terminology should not limit submission of ideas.