National Working Waterfronts & Waterways Symposium

Call for Abstracts and Session Proposals

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Submission Details

Instructions: Please read all instructions carefully before preparing and submitting an abstract or session proposal. Keep in mind, regardless of the presentation or session format chosen, Symposium organizers are primarily looking for sessions that focus on practical approaches and tools to addressing working waterfronts and waterways challenges.

All presentation proposals must be submitted using the online submission form. Proposals will not be accepted via fax or email.Once you start your submission form, you will need to complete it in its entirety, and then submit it. We strongly encourage you to have all the details regarding your proposal prepared before beginning the online form.

Submission of an abstract or proposal constitutes a commitment from the presenter(s) listed to present at the Symposium. If you are submitting a proposal for a panel, please inform your panelists that they do not need to submit abstracts for their individual presentations. Please note, because the Symposium organizers strive for diversity among presenters, we discourage the submission of proposals in which most or all speakers represent one organization, agency or company.

All correspondence will be made via email with the individual submitting the abstract or proposal.
The preparation, submission and presentation of all abstracts and proposals are the responsibility of the submitter.

  • Individual Oral and Poster Presentation abstracts should be submitted by the intended presenter.
  • Panel Session proposals should be submitted by the lead panel presenter. This person has the responsibility of communicating all details and instructions to their additional panel presenters. This includes communicating to register and pay the Symposium registration fee. A panel session can accommodate a maximum of four speakers, including the lead presenter.
  • Roundtable Session proposals should be submitted by the presenter/facilitator. When applicable, this person has the responsibility of communicating all details and instructions to any additional presenters. This includes communicating to register and pay the Symposium registration fee.

STEP 1: Gather ALL Information Needed for Abstract Submission.
Be sure you have all the information you need before starting the form.You will not be able to save the form in progress and then return later. Important Note for Panel and Roundtable Session Submitters: make sure you accurately enter the names, organization, city, state, email and telephone information of all presenters included in your session (maximum three additional speakers for panel abstracts). This information will be used to crosscheck for other submissions. The organizers will only communicate directly with the individual submitting the proposal, and therefore it is important that the other presenters’ information is entered correctly initially.

STEP 2: Enter the following information when prompted.

A. Contact Information for Individual or Lead Presenter.
B. Intended Theme (no topic, theme only)
C. Abstract or Session Proposal Title (12-word limit)
D. Presentation Type
  1) Individual Oral Presentation
  2) Panel Session (Maximum four panel presenters including lead presenter)
  3) Roundtable Discussion Session (The facilitators of these sessions are considered the Lead Presenter)
  4) Individual Poster Presentation

STEP 3: Follow the instructions to upload Abstract or Session Proposal.
See sample format here

  • Limited to 200 words.
  • Text only; No graphs or figures.
  • Include ONLY Lead Presenter affiliation, city, and state. Please do not include mailing addresses in abstracts or session proposals.
  • For Panel Session Proposals: Please list the contact information (affiliation, city, and state) of all presenters, preferably in the order of presentation.
  • At bottom of document, include the submitting presenter’s contact information.
  • Proof your work. Accepted abstracts and session proposals will be printed in the Symposium’s online program.
  • Submit abstract or proposal using Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format file. Do NOT submit a PDF.
  • Expectation: Submissions are accepted with the expectation that the presenters listed will present at the Symposium. Changes to the presenter list after acceptance may result in the session being removed from the program.
Overview Submission Details Important Dates & Deadlines Submission is closed

Submission Process: Mandy Stage, Symposium Coordinator,
Themes and Topics: Stephanie Showalter Otts, National Co-Chair, Program Committee Chair:

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