National Working Waterfronts & Waterways Symposium

Speaker Information

Individual Oral, Panel and Roundtable Session Presenters are asked to prepare their presentation with the following information in mind. Poster presenter information is located on the poster information page. Plenary speakers will receive individual instructions for their presentations as plenary structure and timing may vary. Should you have any questions, please contact Mandy Stage at


Session Overview

All concurrent sessions will be 90 minutes in length. The meeting rooms vary in size, however all will have panel seating located at the front of the room for up to four presenters. Depending on the session, topic and moderator suggestions, speakers may be seated as a panel for their session. Moderators will decide the best arrangement and communicate it to their speakers. Moderators will also be tasked with keeping their session on time.

Individual Oral Presentations will receive 20 minutes each which includes a brief, one minute introduction by the moderator as well as any Q&A. Thus, plan on 15 minutes for the actual presentation and four mintues for questions. It may be that you will not meet your moderator in advance. If so, plan to arrive a couple minutes prior to the published start time and introduce yourself.

Panel and Roundtable Sessions Presentation times may vary. If you are part of a panel or roundtable session, your moderator should contact you in advance to discuss and confirm the session structure and presentation times.


Tentative Agenda and Speaker Recognition

Speakers are recognized in the tentative agenda. Note your session schedule as well as the other presenters in your session. All speakers should plan on being present in their session for its entirety. When reviewing the agenda, please note any information that is not accurate and send revisions to


Speaker Cancellation
In the event an unavoidable situation arises that would prevent you from honoring your commitment, we trust that you will alert us immediately. If possible, we ask that you use diligent efforts to help locate and suggest a qualified substitute thereby preventing the program from being compromised.


Equipment Available

Following is the equipment that will be available for all sessions.

  • One PC laptop with Windows 7 operating systems with Microsoft PowerPoint (2010) Application and sound.
  • Speakers will not operate the laptop. The laptop will be controlled by an AV operator located at the back of the room.
  • One computer projector.
  • One podium microphone and one lapel microphone; a moderator will assist speakers with the microphones
  • Two panel microphones that can be shared to accommodate four presenters.
  • A wireless remote control to advance and reverse your PowerPoint slides. Speakers will not operate a laptop.
  • One screen will be set for sessions held in Palma Ceia 2, Palma Ceai 3&4, and Garrison Suites. Speakers will be able to see their presentation on the screen angled to the side.
  • Two screens will be set for sessions held in Bayshore 1 for participant optimum viewing. Speakers for this session will be provided with a comfort monitor to easily see their presentation.
    Important: Due to the difficulty of physically ‘pointing’ to dual screens, it is recommended that any emphasis is made using PowerPoint application features such as highlighting, an arrow, circling of an object and etc. When creating, be sure to use “on mouse click” instead of “automatically after x seconds”.
  • Internet will not be available for speaker presentations.

Where and When to Bring your PowerPoint Presentation

  • 24-hours prior to your session time, please bring your PowerPoint presentatioto the symposium registration area located in the Hilton's Atrium. Registration opens Monday 5:00-8:00pm and each following day during the symposium. See the agenda for registration hours.
  • Presenters may also email their presentation in advance to Please check in with registration upon your arrival to view the presentation and to ask the staff to familiarize you with the wireless remote to be used.
  • Your presentation will be loaded in advance of your session to facilitate a smooth transition from one speaker to the next.
  • Please check the following on your PowerPoint file: Disable any automatic advance timer. Embed graphs or figures into the document as independent objects ( do not dynamically link from other programs). Compress photos to prevent slow loading and slide advancement delays during the presentation.
  • Symposium organizers would like you to share your presentation as a PDF on the website after the symposium is concluded. When giving us your file, we will ask if you wish to share it. (Due to software incompatibility, videos in PPT files are not viewable in the PDF version.)
  • We strongly encourage you to use the laptop offered by the symposium to avoid equipment compatibility challenges. If you absolutely must use your own laptop, contact Mandy Stage at immediately. You will be need to bring all cables and test your laptop 24-hours prior to your session to avoid disruption to the session.

Click here to view Tips for Developing Your PowerPoint Presentation.



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