National Working Waterfronts & Waterways Symposium

Exhibiting Sponsors

Sponsor Display Room: Bayshore 2-3, Hilton Tampa Downtown


Platinum level sponsors receive 2 complimentary 6 ft individually skirted table top display spaces. Gold and Silver level sponsors receive 1 complimentary 6 ft individually skirted table top display space. Refreshment breaks will be served in the sponsor display room each day so that scientists, policy makers, planners, practitioners and managers can interact and utilize these engagement opportunities to exchange information. No electricity will be provided.


Due to space constrictions, only Platinum, Gold and Silver level sponsors will have display space. The 2015 NWWW Symposium will not be selling exhibitor options. If you would like to showcase your company to our audience of key decision makers, please be sure to sign-up as a Platinum, Gold or Silver level sponsor. To maximize interaction and engagement opportunities, sponsor representatives are encouraged to be stationed at their displays during breaks. It is not necessary to be stationed at a table for the duration of the symposium, rather all attendees are encouraged to participate in the full symposium and sessions.


SET UP Monday, November 16, 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Tuesday Morning Refreshments

Tuesday AM Break

Tuesday PM Break

Wednesday Morning Refreshments

Wednesday AM Break

Thursday Morning Refreshments

Thursday AM Break

BREAKDOWN Thursday, November 19, 10:45am - 1:00pm


See the Tentative Agenda for break times.

Shipping Materials

If you plan to ship any brochures and materials or packages to the Tampa Downtown Hilton in advance, please be aware the hotel has limited storage facilities. Packages will be accepted up to three days prior to the symposium. If your needs exceed five boxes, a drayage company may be required.

Please do not ship valuables. The hotel is not responsible for content. Please advise your hotel contact of any special arrangements or requirements concerning your materials. Insert property specific pricing and storage information. Hilton Tampa Downtown package handling fees for incoming and outgoing packages for up to five boxes are as follows:

$5.00 per box (less than 50 lbs.) $75 per pallet/skid
$8.00 per box (50 lbs. to 75 lbs.) $25 small display
$10.00 per box (over 75 lbs. to 100 lbs.) $50 large display

A labor charge will be assessed if the Hotelís assistance is required in unloading vehicles and/or moving items to storage areas. Please note the hotel package handing fees should not be confused with shipping fees. Shipping fees are the responsibility of the sender.

Package handling charges will be posted to the attending representative guest room folio. No COD packages will be accepted. The Hotel policies on safe package handling are based on advice from the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Guests will be responsible for the packing and return of all packages. Boxes left on premises for longer than one week after departure without shipping instructions will be discarded.

When shipping materials to the hotel, please include the following information on all packages to insure proper delivery and storage.

Each item should be clearly marked with the following:
  1. Name of the event
  2. Hold for arrival 00/00/00
  3. The name of your organizationís on-site contact and organization
  4. Number of boxes (Example: 1 of 2, 2 of 2)
  5. C/O Hilton Tampa Downtown
    211 N. Tampa Street
    Tampa, FL 33602

Re: NWWWS November 16-19, 2016
Hold for arrival 00/00/00
Attn: Sponsor Representative Name, Organization

Box #X of #x

C/O: Hilton Tampa Downtown
211 N. Tampa Street
Tampa, FL 33602

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