Sponsor Display Information

A limited amount of space is available for sponsors at the Silver Level and higher to have table top displays in the poster hall and refreshment break area.

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WDA 2018 Display Set-up and Removal Times

  • MOVE-IN: Sunday, August 5: 3:00pm – 6:00pm [St. Augustine Ballroom C & D]
  • MOVE-OUT: You may begin to break down Wednesday, August 8 at 12:00pm when the conference breaks for field trips. You are welcome to stay longer if you'd like.
Special instructions:
    • Space is limited. You will be provided a 6' x 6' cube, or enough space to accommodate the number of 6' x 24” x 30”h tables inculded in your sponsorship level. Tables will be draped and skirted with two chairs at each. The number of display tables you receive (up to three) depends on the sponsorship level you selected.
    • Pop-up banners may be used, as long as they fit within your designated space.
    • If you plan to put pop-up banners behind your table, make sure your graphics department knows the important content should appear at the top of the banner.
    • Your table will be identified with a tent card, so you will easily see which table is assigned to your organization. Table locations are assigned by the organizers.
    • Posters and sponsor table top displays are set up in the same room where daily morning, mid-day and afternoon refreshment breaks will be served. A formal poster session will also be held in the sponsor display and poster hall, in addition to a Dinner with a Silent & Live Auction on Tuesday evening plus the closing awards dinner banquet on Thursday.
    • Table top displays are meant to serve as a forum to display informational materials so a representative does not need to always be at the table.
    • If you want to interact with attendees, the times that would be most effective to do so are during early morning refreshments, daily am and pm breaks and the evening poster sessions.
    • Anyone attending the conference must be a full registrant. If someone is just coming in just to set up the table display, they do not need to register.
    • We expect roughly 350-400 people to attend the conference if you wish to bring informational materials susfficient for all attendees.
    • For a nominal gratuity, you may request assistance by hotel bell staff to unload materials.
    • You will have free access to wireless internet in the display room. Electricity can be arranged. Please let us know by Tuesday, July 3rd if you require power at your display.

Shipping of Display Materials

If you require assistance with shipping display materials to or from the hotel in advance, the Hotel will accept shipments no earlier than three (3) working days prior to the arrival day of the conference. Please address all shipments to:

Attention: Guests’ Name (WDA 2018 Attendee)
HOLD FOR Arrival (indicate date you are arriving at hotel)
Renaissance World Golf Village
500 South Legacy Trail | St. Augustine, FL 32092
Phone: 904-940-8000

Click here for hotel shipping and handling fees.

NOTE: If you are shipping multiple boxes, label boxes as follows: Box 1 of 3; Box 2 of 3; Box 3 of 3. Shipments should arrive no earlier than one week prior to the conference, or July 23. Hotel shipping and handling charges may apply.

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