Photo Contest FAQs

The 2018 WDA Annual Conference will include the photo contest. The contest is being run by the Florida Student Chapter of the Wildlife Disease Association (FL SCWDA) and the Student Activities Committee (SAC) in cooperation with the WDA 2018 local conference Committee.

General Questions

Who can participate in the photo contest?

A. Anyone registering for the 2018 WDA conference can participate (WDA members and non-member conference attendees).

How many photos can I submit?

A. A maximum of 3 photos can be submitted. Photos can be submitted to a single category or to more than one category.

How do I register for the photo contest?

A. We would appreciate it if conference attendees who plan to enter the photo contest use the contest registration form to pre-register their submission, marking the number of photos and corresponding entry categories. The pre-registration form is available at Although onsite registration will be available at the conference, your pre-registration will allow us to determine how much display space is needed. All entry fees will be collected at the conference. Cash, credit cards, and check will be accepted.

How much is the entry fee?

A. The table below lists the entry fees:

Prices for Student Attendees
STUDENTS Pre-registration On-site registration
1 photo $4 $5
2 photos $6 ($3 each) $8 ($4 each)
3 photos $9 ($3 each) $12 ($4 each)
Prices for Regular Attendees
REGULAR Pre-registration On-site registration
1 photo $5 $6
2 photos $8 ($4 each) $10 ($5 each)
3 photos $12 ($4 each) $15 ($5 each)
When and where will the photos be displayed?

A. The photos will be showcased at the 2018 WDA conference in Saint Augustine, Florida. A photo display area will be set up on Sunday evening, and all photos must be registered and displayed by Monday at lunch hour to allow the judges sufficient time to review and score the photos. Photos will remain on display until Tuesday afternoon. Photos to be included in Tuesday’s silent auction will be transferred to the auction location; those not going to the silent auction will need to be collected by their owners.

How will the contest be judged?

A. A small group of selected conference attendees will judge the photos. There will also be a “popular vote” by all conference attendees. Judges will base their decisions on image clarity, color, lighting, contrast, and “wow factor.” There will be a winner and runner up for each category and a winner and runner up for the popular vote.

How will the winners be notified?

A. Winners will be announced during the Conference. If a winner cannot be contacted at the conference, he or she will be contacted via email (or phone) after the conference.

What are the prizes?

A. A range of prizes will be offered, including (but not limited to) field gear, books, and WDA conference gear.

What happens to the photo after the contest?

A. You can pick up your photos after the judging or offer to include your photos in the silent auction. Proceeds from photos auctioned off will benefit the participating Student Chapters and the WDA Student Activities Committee.

Logistics and Formatting

What are the photo categories?

A.There are three categories:

  1. Wildlife
  2. Landscapes
  3. People in Nature
What size should the photos be?

A. All photos should be 8” x 10” in size (approximately 20 cm x 25cm).

How should the photos be framed?

A. Entries should be submitted on a stiff 11” x 14” backing (approximately 28cm x 35.5cm) such as pre-cut mat board available at most craft stores (e.g. No framed prints will be accepted.

What information needs to be included with the photo?

A. The following information should be written on a card affixed to the back of your photo:

  1. Your full name and contact information (address, email and phone number)
  2. The category in which your photo is to be judged
  3. A concise description of the photo (where the image was taken, etc.)
  4. Whether you are willing to have the photo included in the silent auction
***Entrants must have taken the photo(s) and have all rights to its distribution and use.***

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