Program & Presentation Topics

XX ISC facilitates interaction and dialogue among silage researchers and industry professionals by bringing them together at a single venue. By their very nature, each attendee brings unique perspectives, knowledge and input based on their individual expertise, research findings and unique experiences in the industry.

Sessions will feature invited talks by experts in the silage community, and silage professionals from around the globe will be invited to submit abstracts for talks and posters describing their efforts, science, experiences, and results. The conference will also feature panels of notable experts on silage troubleshooting and silage harvesting.

The following list of program topics is intended only to serve as a guide during the abstract submittal process which will be announced in the coming months:

  • Silage Additives
  • Silage Lab Analysis
  • Silage Microbiology and Metabolomics
  • Silage Experimental Design and Analysis
  • Baleage and Other Silages
  • Aerobic Stability
  • Silage Feeding and Utilization
  • Tropical Silages
  • Advancing Silage Production for Small Holders
  • Forage Preharvest Management
  • Silage Mycotoxins and Contaminants
  • Novel Technologies for Silage

Our intent is to develop a fully rounded agenda that ensures diverse coverage on the latest in silage making and technology, and to share that knowledge with a broad audience.

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