4th National Meeting   •   March 8-12, 2016   •   Washington, DC

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.“Where is my receipt/ invoice?”

A. In your email. Upon completing registration you will be directed to a confirmation screen. A copy of this confirmation is also automatically emailed to the address listed in your attendee profile. This confirmation serves as your receipt of payment OR as an invoice for a balance due. So you can search your inbox, the email comes from our registrar, Kimberly Brand. If you have strict spam filters, your confirmation may have been intercepted. Still can’t find it? Email Kim at kimmer72@ufl.edu to request a copy.

Q. “To whom do I make my check payable and where is it mailed?”

A. Make your check payable to

University of Florida Leadership & Education Foundation, Inc. (UFLEF, Inc)

and mail to:

Attn: NPDN Meeting Registration
PO Box 110750
2311 Mowry Road, Bldg. 78
Gainesville, FL 32611-0750

Q.“What is UFLEF, Inc.’s Federal ID number?”

A.   59-3104978

Q.“Can I register more than one person at a time?”

A. Yes, once you complete the first registration profile, you will have the option to ADD additional registrations.

Q.“Am I able to add items to my registration? (ex. tours, workshops, etc.)”

A. Email Kimberly Brand at kimmer72@ufl.edu and communicate the addition you would like to make. If space is available, she will add that item to your registration. If you are paying for the fee for the added expense using a different form of payment than was used to pay the original registration fee, call Kim direct at 352-294-3576 and give her your new payment information. Once she updates your registration profile, you will receive an updated registration confirmation in your email.

Q.“I started my registration but was interrupted. Am I registered?”

A. No. Your registration is not complete until your form of payment has been submitted. (If sending a check or deferring payment, you are considered registered so long as the “check” or “invoice” option has been selected and submitted.) Registration is complete once you arrive at the confirmation screen and receive a copy of the confirmation in your email.

Q.“My organization will not pay for field tours or guest fees, can I use multiple forms of payment on my registration?”

A. Yes. Once you arrive at the payment screen when registering, adjust the “Amount to apply to this payment” to reflect the amount of the first form of payment, complete the process and click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page. Your first payment will be processed and the amount will automatically update to reflect the new “Balance Due”. Delete the payment information you previously entered, input the new information and click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page.

Q. “I work for a government agency that has restrictions on when I can pay for my registration, can I register now and defer payment?”

A. Yes. In order to defer payment, select the invoice option when prompted for payment. This will allow you to register your attendance while providing the flexibility to pay by Check at a later date. You may also contact OCI at 352-392-5930 with Credit or P-Card information once travel funds are authorized. Note: In order to qualify for reduced registration fees, payment must be submitted before the applicable fee deadline expires.

Q. “I need a letter of invitation to complete my visa paperwork. How do I request one?”

A. Please contact Tamar Ditzian at tamar@ufl.edu or 352-294-3585.  Your letter will be emailed to you as a PDF. Due to processing time and expense, hard-copy letters will not be provided.

Q. “I need to cancel my registration, what are my options?”

A.Email our registrar, Kimberly Brand at kimmer72@ufl.edu, and provide a written request to cancel no later than February 5, 2016. A processing fee of 50% will be deducted from all meeting participant refunds. After February 5, 2016 no refunds will be issued. If you have a colleague who wants to attend in your place, you may substitute your registration. (See below.)

How do I replace my registration with a substitute attendee?”

A.Email our registrar, Kimberly Brand at kimmer72@ufl.edu with your information and the name and the full contact information of the person substituting for you, including their affiliation, address, phone number and email address, as well as their request for specific field trips, workshops, or dietary preferences. All substitutions are subject to a $25 administrative fee, plus any additional fees due to a difference in registration categories.


*Note: Speakers cancelling or substituting their registration must also contact Conference Coordinator, Tamar Ditzian, at tamar@ufl.edu or 352-294-3585.

Still have questions? Please contact the Office of Conferences & Institutes at 352-392-5930.