4th National Meeting   •   March 8-12, 2016   •   Washington, DC

Call for Abstracts

The Abstract Submission process is now over.

All individuals interested in plant diagnostics are invited to submit an abstract for consideration as a poster presentation at NPDN 2016.

During the submission process, you will be asked to identify the most applicable topic for your abstract. However, abstract submissions are not limited to these topical areas as we want to capture all emerging topics and new ideas critical to plant diagnostics, so there will be an option to describe your own topic if it does not fit into these broad categories.

Potential topics for posters include:

  • Advancing Diagnostics to Meet Plant Health Needs: NPDN Partnerships and Projects
  • Emerging Pathogens and Pests
  • NPDN’s Role in Advancing Diagnostics
  • Novel Methods to Improve Prevention, Detection, and Diagnosis for Food Security and Trade

Abstracts must be submitted online. Scroll down to submit your abstract now.

Presenter Registration:
All poster presenters are required to register and pay the applicable fee in order to attend and present at the conference.

Abstract Preparation and Formatting Instructions:

Click the sample below to view a perfectly formatted abstract. Feel free to use it as a template to format your own.

  • Abstract titles are limited to 175 characters including spaces.
  • Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words.
  • No graphs or figures should be included.
  • Use the following formatting within titles: italics (for scientific names), subscript for scientific formulas and superscript for mathematic equations.
  • List the senior author first and Bold the presenting author.
  • Do not include professional titles of authors.
  • For all other formatting, see sample.
  • For formatting questions, email tamar@ufl.edu.