4th National Meeting   •   March 8-12, 2016   •   Washington, DC

STAR-D Pre-Conference Workshop: Document Roundup

Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 1:00pm - 5:00pm

The STAR-D Document Roundup Workshop is designed for our NPDN members that are interested in developing the core STAR-D-Quality Management System (QMS) documents needed to implement STAR-D in their laboratories. Whether your laboratory has absolutely no QMS documents started or has numerous documents in place (or anywhere in between), we encourage you to participate in this workshop. We understand that setting aside a block of time to create these documents may be difficult when samples are constantly arriving at your laboratory door. And even if you find the time, questions may arise as you begin customizing the template documents for your situation, making you feel kind of stuck in the process. Our goal is for participants to leave the session having completed many of the core quality management system documents and knowing what documents are needed to implement STAR-D.

Participants should bring a laptop computer to the session (we may have a few available for use if you are not able to bring your own computer) and any QMS documents you have created. No documents are necessary to participant in the workshop. A number of instructors will be available to assist in group topic discussions and to help individuals answer laboratory specific questions in a one-to one-setting.


TBD (Check back for updates.)



There is no cost to attend the workshop but registering is required to determine the number of participants so we can plan accordingly for room size and refreshments.


How to register:

If you wish to attend and are not on the List of Registrants, please contact Dawn Dailey O’Brien at ddo1@cornell.edu.