Speaker Presentations

Many speakers have agreed to share their presentations under the condition that they are used without alteration for educational purposes only. Properly cite all materials when referencing, including date of the publication. Expand the agenda sections below and click on the "View Presentation (PDF)" links to open a PDF of the speaker presentation.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | First Day of Sessions
General Session [Beach/Gulf/Palm Rooms]
8:30am - 9:00am Welcome and Introductory Remarks
- Renée Goodrich Schneider, UF/IFAS FSHN, Program Organizer
- Susan Percival, UF/IFAS FSHN, Department Chair
- Saqib Mukhtar, UF/IFAS, Associate Dean for Extension, Agriculture & Natural Resources
- Richard Bogey, Florida’s Natural Growers, Program Chair
Session 1: The World of Citrus – A Global Perspective
Moderator: Clarissa Albarran, Brown International
9:00am The Mexican Citrus Industry and Market
- Ricardo Martinez, Citrofrut
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9:40am Prospects of the Spanish Citrus Industry
- Erich Faber, Riverbend
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Presentation Transcript (PDF)
10:40am The Texas Citrus Industry
- Jud Flowers, Lone Star Citrus
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11:20am Citrus in Argentina
- Kurt Nordman, Citromax
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Session 2: The Industry Looking Forward
Moderator: Brandy Geiger, Florachem
1:30pm The South African Citrus Industry and Market
- Alan Molenaar, HG Molenaar
2:05pm Sustainability in Agricultural Enterprises
- Juan Andrade, UF/IFAS
3:10pm Citrus Consumer Insights
- Hélène Moeller, ADM
3:45pm Upcycling of Alternative Citrus Side Streams
- Sjors Peters, IFF
4:20pm Paths to the Future Citrus Varieties in Florida
- Fred Gmitter, UF/IFAS
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Thursday, September 22, 2022
General Session [Beach/Gulf/Palm Rooms]
Session 3: Industry, Consumers, and Employees – What’s Important Now?
Moderator: Linda Staten, USDA-AMS
8:30am Food and Social Media Habits of Gen Z
- Mari Schroeder, UF/IFAS CREC
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9:05am Navigating the Multi-generational Workforce
- Tonia Morris, Simply HR
9:40am Diet Transformation of the Emerging Consumer
- Ed Koza, Firmenich
10:45am Florida Orange Juice Outlook, Research, and Marketing
- Marisa Zansler, FDOC
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11:20am Citrus & Beverage Market Research Trends
- Lisa House, UF/IFAS
Session 4: Technology and Innovation – Tools and Ideas for Industry
Moderator: Anne Plotto, USDA-ARS
1:30pm Economic Adulteration in Citrus Juice
- Kristen Jeffries, USDA-ARS & Demeseh Cobb, USDA-AMS
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2:05pm New Innovations in Orange Pulp Defect Determination
- Michael McCroan, The Coca-Cola Company
3:10pm Processing Factors for Pesticide Residues in Cold Pressed Lemon Oil
- José-Antonio Garcia, AILIMPO - Lemon from Spain®
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3:45pm Goodbye Citrus sinensis and Hello Biodiversity – Implications for FDA Orange Juice Standards
- Kristen Carlson, Florida Citrus Processors Association
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4:20pm When an Orange is not a Citrus sinensis, is it a Sweet Orange-like Hybrid? – an International Perspective
- David Hammond, IFU
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Friday, September 23, 2022
General Session [Beach/Gulf/Palm Rooms]
Session 5: Hot Topics in the Citrus Industry
Moderator: Keith Schneider, UF/IFAS FSHN
8:30am MRL Regulations with a Focus on Chlorpyrifos
- Joanna Drake, FEMA
9:10am Photonic Fence Technology to Detect, Track, and Intercept Flying ACPs
- Joseph Patt, USDA-ARS
9:45am Harnessing Biotechnology to Manage Greening
- Lukasz Stelinski, UF/IFAS
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10:20am Increase Fruit Production and Fruit Quality of HLB Infected Trees Organically from the Roots and Foliage
- Vasilios Fotopoulos, Savory Sun VA LLC
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10:55am Mandarin or Orange? They Both Taste so Good!
- Anne Plotto, USDA/ARS and Yu Wang, UF/IFAS
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September 20-23, 2022
Clearwater Beach, FL
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