Program Themes

ACES 2016 will offer discussion on state-of-the-art methods and experiences relating to Ecosystem Services: Implementation Advances and Challenges. Below are some of the specific themes that will be addressed in conference sessions.

The Program Committee would like to especially encourage abstract submissions on the following topics:

  • Successful use of an ecosystem services approach (public or private): standardization, common approaches, metrics and indicators, sustainability
  • Voice, agency, equity: Implications of adopting an ecosystem services framework (critiques of an ecosystem services framework with suggestions of how or if current practice can be improved)
  • International Perspective (potentially including IPBES, WAVES, OpenNESS, etc.)
  • Private Sector Challenges: The Business Case for Ecosystem Services
  • Public-Private Partnerships and Inter-Agency Coordination
  • Cultural Values and Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Education and Communication
  • Energy and Ecosystem Services
  • Green GDP: Accounting for the environment

The Program Committee also encourages abstract submissions on these topics:

Methods for

  • Valuation (Economic and Non-Economic)
  • Quantification, Modeling, and Mapping
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Science and practice of

  • Urban Ecosystems and Services
  • Ecosystem Services and Human Health
  • Ecosystem Services, Wildlife, and Biodiversity
  • Ecosystem Service Production and Flows
  • Linking Ecosystem Services to Resilience and Climate Adaptation
  • Sustainability and Ecosystem Services
  • Agriculture and Ecosystem Services
  • Institutions, Incentives, and Legal Frameworks (Political Science and Law)
  • Adaptive Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty

Implementation, practice, and policy

  • Business
  • Markets
  • Finance
  • Government (National, State/Province, City, Municipality)
  • Education and Communication
  • Implementation Advances and Challenges

We encourage the inclusion of individuals from different sectors – including government, non-government, private, and academic.

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