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Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Impacts on Ecosystems and Communities

Organization Abstract Title Poster
1 Anna Beard Whitney Lab, University of Florida Evaluation of Climate Induced Changes to Porewater Biogeochemistry in Mangrove/Saltmarsh Ecotone Session One
5 Megan Black University of Florida Watershed Topography as a Predictor of Stream Chemistry Across Non-Glacial Streams in Greenland Session One
7 Quincy Faber University of Florida Metagenomic Analysis of Algal Communities Inhabiting the Near Surface Aquifer of an Alaskan Glacier Session One
9 Hallie Fischman University of Florida Invasive Hogs Alter Salt Marsh Functioning, Ecosystem Service Provisioning, and Resilience Session One
13 Madison Flint University of Florida Surface-Groundwater Mixing Stimulates Nitrous Oxide Production in Carbonate Aquatic Systems Session One
11 Bethany Gaffey FCFWRU / UF SFFGS Cold Blood in Warming Waters: Conserving Gulf Sturgeon Using Precipitation and Groundwater Models Session One
15 Zoey Hendrickson University of Florida Invasive Species Pathways: Using the NAS Database to Identify Case Studies for Gap Analysis Session One
3 Walker Marechal FAMU Investigation of Mechanisms for Methylmercury Bioremediation by Indigenous Bacterial Strain in Comparison with Non-indigenous Metal Resistant Strain of Bacillus Through Proteomics Studies Session One
18 Collin Ortals University of Florida Crab Consumers Transform Vegetation-Sediment-Flow-Morphology Feedbacks in Southeastern US Salt Marsh Session One
21 Daniele Pinton University of Florida Morphodynamics of Oyster Reefs in Tidal Flats under Various Sea-Level Rise and Wave Scenarios Session One
20 Edwin Rajeev University of Florida Impact of Sea Level Rise on Flooding and Wave Load: The Case of the Glass Window Bridge, Bahamas Session One
23 Justin Tagle Florida Atlantic University Flood Protection Level of Service for Miami-Dade County Current and Future Sea Level Rise Conditions Session One
25 Songzi Wu University of Florida Interpreting the Trends of Extreme Precipitation in Florida through Pressure Change Session One
16 Scott Alford UF/IFAS Nature Coast Biological Station Watershed Modification Effects on Coastal Ecosystems: A Synthesis from Key Gulf of Mexico Estuaries Session Two
2 Prakhin Assavapanuvat University of Florida Organic Carbon Burial in Mangrove-Salt Marsh Ecotones of Apalachicola Bay: The Role of Reactive Iron Session Two
4 Alexandra Bijak University of Florida Seagrass Species Identity and Historical Cover Influence Sediment Organic Carbon Stocks Session Two
6 Megan Donovan University of Florida Social and Agricultural Vulnerability to Climate Change Hazards in the Southern Region Session Two
8 Brady Evans University of Florida Hydrogeology of Local Water Balances Impacted by a Dynamic Saltwater Interface Session Two
12 Maria Fernanda Gastelu-Barcena University of Florida Transverse Structure of Tidal and Exchange Flows in a Magellan Glacial Fjord Session Two
10 Fikadu Getachew University of Florida Trends and Variability of Agricultural Drought under Climate Change in Ethiopia Session Two
14 Megan Kramer University of South Florida Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Effects of Waterway Restoration on an Estuarine Ecosystem Session Two
17 Madison Mullen Florida Gulf Coast University Surface and Subsurface Hydrology and Flood Mitigation in Estero River Headwaters, Southwest Florida Session Two
19 Jamila Roth University of Florida Does More Variety Mean Higher Stability? Exploring How Seagrass Species Diversity Impacts Resilience Session Two
22 Satbyeol Joy Shin University of Florida Climate Change Impacts on Streamflow and Nutrient Loading in the Northern Lake Okeechobee Basin Session Two
24 Emily Watts University of Florida Oxygenation of Long Term Anoxic By Fjord, Sweden: Implications for Organic Carbon Sources and Decay Session Two
26 Chi Zhang University of Florida How to Develop a Multi-facet QC Procedure for a Ground-based Weather Monitoring Network Session Two

Water Quality Drivers and Impacts on Public Wildlife and Ecosystem Health

Organization Abstract Title Poster
27 Maximiliano Barbosa University of Florida Drivers of Protistan Diversity in the Oligotrophic Lake Tohopekaliga Session One
39 Jenna Brooks University of South Florida Settling Behaviors of Stormwater Microplastics Session One
37 Trista Brophy UF School of Natural Resources Relating Land Cover Change to Flood Runoff Distribution Using Nasa Earth Observations in Kansas Session One
43 Joe Carter University of Florida The Effect of Training Methodology on Machine Learning Models for Estimating Nutrient Concentrations Session One
41 Jade Chery Florida A & M University Responses of Microbial Communities of Heavy Metal Contaminations in Lake Talquin Session One
45 Daniela Daniele Florida International University Urban Rivers as Social-Ecological Systems: An Examination of History & Ecology in the Miami River Session One
47 Antonio Diaz University of Florida The “Bathydrone” for Underwater Survey and Mapping Session One
49 Taylor Dluzniewski Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Investigating Drivers of Seasonal Shifts in Fish Habitat Use in The Homosassa River System Session One
51 Wenchong He University of Florida Challenges and Opportunities for AI in Geodomains: Case Studies of Geoai in Hydrological Application Session One
53 Samantha Howley University of Florida Tracing Frequency and Magnitude of Flow Reversals in Florida Springs Session One
73 Navdeep Kaur University of Florida Assessment of Hemp Variety and Measuring Leaching Losses in Response to Different Nitrogen Rates Session One
55 Deirdre Love University of Florida Examining the Practice of Pre-Washing Pyrethroid Treated Nets to Mitigate Toxicity in Invertebrates Session One
57 Leslie Munroe University of Florida IFAS Extension Highlighting Florida Natives in a Commercial Landscape Session One
59 Gregory Owen Alachua County Evaluating Restoration Activities to Better Prioritize a Hierarchy of Needs in Florida’s Springs Session One
61 Patrick Saldaña University of Florida Macroalgae Decay Rates and Diversity Effects on Sediment Biogeochemistry in a Florida Estuary Session One
63 Adam Siders University of Florida Assessing the Effects of Florida Manatees and Humans on Nutrient Uptake Rates in Kings Bay, FL Session One
65 Leanne Stepchinski University of South Florida Influence of Hydrologic Connectivity on the Natural Flow Regime of Archetypal Wetland Complexes Session One
67 Gretchen Stokes University of Florida Assessing Anthropogenic Stressors to Global Freshwater Habitats and Inland Fisheries Session One
69 Osama Tarabih University of South Florida Tampa Effects of Lake Okeechobee Operation Schemes on Phosphorous Exports Session One
71 Henry Tingle University of Florida The “Sipper” Drone-based Water Sampling System Session One
28 Piyush Agade University of Florida Gatorbyte – A Low-Cost Mobile Real-Time Water Resource Monitoring Platform Session Two
60 Mandy Baily University of Florida Youth Education and Skill Development for a Generational Impact on Water Quality of the Indian River Session Two
36 Ronell Bridgemohan Watershed Management Laboratory, UF WFREC Microbial Risk Assessment to Determine the Level & Sources of Fecal in NW Florida Urban Streams Session Two
40 Juma Bukomba University of Florida Nitrogen Dynamics & its Fate in Inorganic Forms in Sandy Soils Under a Cover Crop System in Florida Session Two
38 Alvaro Carmona-Cabrero University of Florida Improving the Prediction of Sediment Particle Size for Engineering Vegetative Filter Strips Session Two
42 Nicholas Chin UF Watershed Ecology Lab Quantifying the Effects of National Water Model Prediction Error on Nearshore Hydrodynamic Forecasts Session Two
46 Alexandra Feldman University of Florida Impact of Hydrologic Regime on Soil Organic Matter Accumulation in a Stormwater Treatment Wetland Session Two
48 Audrey Goeckner University of Florida Water Column Saturation Profiles of N2, Co2, and Ch4 in Natural and Constructed Subtropical Ponds Session Two
44 Sergio Gonzalez University of Florida Wetland Pulse Amplitude Better Predicts Aquatic Species Richness than Static Wetland Size Session Two
50 Casey Harris University of Florida Long-Term Surface Water Quality Trends Relevant to Drinking Water Supply in Tampa, Florida Session Two
52 Andrew James Soil and Water Engineering Technology, Inc. Watershed Assessment Model Used to Evaluate Restoration Options for the Bob Janes Preserve Session Two
54 Dogil Lee University of Florida Modeling the Impacts of Agricultural Management Practices on Groundwater in the Santa Fe River Basin Session Two
58 Brooke Moffis UF/IFAS Multispecies Lawns: An Alternative Strategy for Lawn Resiliency and Ecosystem Functions Session Two
56 Amanda Muni-Morgan University of Florida Karenia Brevis Utilization of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in Wastewater and Stormwater Pond Effluent Session Two
62 John Roberts UF/IFAS Orange County Extension Soil Denitrification Dynamics in Urban Impacted Riparian Zones throughout Tampa, FL Session Two
74 Ayush Sharma University of Florida Sulfur as Leaching Prone Nutrient Session Two
64 Yuseung Shin University of Florida Abiotic Causality of Metabolic Processes in Rivers Session Two
66 Cody Stewart University of South Florida Stormwater Baffle Box Performance: A Case Study of Baffle Boxes in the City of Tampa Session Two
68 Praveen Subedi University of Florida Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Dissolved Organic Phosphorus in the Everglades STA Source Waters Session Two
70 Emily Taylor University of Florida Alterations of Dissolved Organic Material Composition and Its Influence on Ecosystem Respiration Session Two
72 Rob Taylor UF Watershed Ecology Lab Measuring Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Motion Using Digital Video Analysis Session Two

Water Governance and Environmental Justice

Organization Abstract Title Poster
29 Farah Aryan University of Florida The Effects of Colonization on Water Distribution in Indigenous Lands: Case Studies in the Navajo Nation and Palestine Session One
31 L. Donald Duke Florida Gulf Coast University Wind, Water, and Public Safety: Socioeconomic Disparities in Hurricane Safety, South Florida Housing Session One
33 Tania Romero Bautista Florida International University Systematic Review and Stakeholder Roadmap for Freshwater Policies in the Peruvian Amazon Session One
35 Jobel Villafane-Pagan University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez The Mother Map: Río Grande de Manatí Watershed and the Human Impact on Natural Resources Session One
30 Natalie Cooper University of Florida A Comparison of Relationships with Nature among Water Stakeholders in North Florida Session Two
32 Fei He University of Florida Profitability of Alternative Nutrient and Irrigation Management Systems in Corn, Peanut, and Carrot Session Two
34 Abby Vidmar University of South Florida Water, Sanitation, and Health in Urban Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities Session Two

Water Availability Valuation Allocation and Reuse

Organization Abstract Title Poster
75 Dylan Barr University of Florida Researching the Efficacy of Reclaimed Water BMPS for Nutrient Load Reductions in Residential Areas Session One
77 Tyelyn Brigino University of South Florida Influence of Groundwater on Streamflow in Salmon-Bearing Streams Session One
83 Katie Glodzik University of Florida Scenario Planning Tool for Forest Water Yield in North Florida Session One
81 Caleb Gravesen University of Florida Wastewater Treatment Residuals and Native Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Session One
85 Yi Han University of Florida Machine Learning-Based Probabilistic Ensemble for Urban Water Demand Forecasting Session One
79 Esther Lee University of Florida Understanding the Hydrologic Connectivity between Upland Forests and Wetlands Session One
87 Jia-Yi Ling University of Florida Streamflow Forecasting in West-Central Florida Using Climate Drivers Session One
91 Hanyu Qian University of Florida Improved Sensor-Analytical Point Solutions (Snaps) For E. Coli in Irrigation Water by Integration of Statistical Machine Learning Session One
89 Amir Rezazadeh University of Florida Pongamia: An Environmentally Friendly Alternative Crop for Citrus Growers Session One
93 Patricia Spellman University of South Florida Quantifying Vadose Storage and Release in a Young, Uplifted Karst Aquifer Using Spectral Analysis Session One
95 Sarah Strohminger University of Florida A Household Cost-Benefit Analysis of Impacts from Fog Water Access in Southwest Morocco Session One
76 Lorna Bravo Broward County Ext. Ed. Urban Horticulture and Natural Resources Development of Advanced Water Extension Programs for MGVs Session Two
78 Judyson de Matos Oliveira University of Florida Least Limiting Water Range in Irrigated Sandy Soils of Northeast Florida Session Two
86 Alexandra Dixon University of Florida Historical Use of Irrigation in Response to Regional Drought Session Two
80 Ronald Fox University of Florida Assessment of Soil Amendment Types and Rates for Reduced Turfgrass Irrigation Session Two
84 Edgar Guerron Orejuela University of South Florida Groundwater Risk and Resilience in Social-Hydrological Systems Session Two
82 Samuel Kwakye University of Florida Assessing Citrus Water Use with Lysimetry Using Evapotranspiration-Based Irrigation in Florida Session Two
88 Eduart Murcia Botache University of Florida Improving Water-Use Efficiency of Irrigation Systems with ML, and Soil Moisture and Weather Data Session Two
90 Renee Price Atkins North America/UF Turning Down the Pumps: Variable Hydrologic Response to Passive Restoration among Wetland Types Session Two
92 Sharmin Siddiqui University of Florida Effects of Wildfires on Annual Streamflow Response in the Southeastern Amazon Session Two
94 Eric Whiteside The University of Florida and Applied Technology & Management Tidally-forced Index-velocity Relationships in the Waccasassa River Session Two