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Ecosystem Commons
A place for the ecosystem services community of practice to advance science and practice. Join us to enhance the use of ecosystem services and related science in conservation, restoration, resource management, and decision making.

Ecosystem Commons

ACES 2014 is excited to partner with Ecosystem Commons to provide a place where conference attendees and ecosystem service practitioners can go to meet each other and collaborate on projects.   

If you are looking for new partners or to get feedback from the ACES community about your conference ideas here are a couple of tools on the Ecosystem Commons you can use.

  • Discussions are the primary way to get feedback on an idea or start a group brainstorm. To start a discussion with the ACES group, follow this link, then select the blue "Create" button the right side of your screen.
  • Polls are a great way to get quick feedback on a straightforward question or conduct a vote.  To create a poll for the ACES group, follow this link, then select the blue "Create" button the right side of your screen.
  • Once you gather a group of people together to plan a session or work on an abstract you can create your own group on the Commons, to do so use this link and select create a group the right side of your screen. With your own group you can have private, discussions or use wikis. Wikis are a great way to collaboratively develop an abstract, create a "to do" list, or develop a working document.  

Ecosystem Commons is a FREE service, so register today to start building your network and your sessions!

The Commons virtual community is your place to:

  • Improve collaboration across sectors and ecosystems
  • Engage in rich conversations to cultivate new ideas and inspire solutions
  • Find and connect with colleagues
  • Share information about projects and programs
  • Learn about emerging trends in research
  • Follow new developments in policy
  • Locate references, data sources and tools
  • Request peer review of your work

The Ecosystem Commons is a portal to the ecosystem services world, hosting discussions, showcasing projects, and tracking trends. The Commons is managed by the Institute for Natural Resources with support from the USDA Forest Service, USDA Office of Environmental Markets, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Geological Survey.


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November 10, 2014

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