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Advancing Pest and Disease Modeling

February 23-25, 2015 | Straughn UF/IFAS Extension Professional Development Center | Gainesville, FL


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Day 1 – Monday, February 23rd, 2015


Introductions, Workshop Goals, and Goals for Day 1
Speakers – Jim Jones, Jerry Hatfield, and Mark Rosegrant


Talk 1 – Setting Agenda for Pest and Disease Modeling in AgMIP
Speakers–Perspectives by Mark Rosegrant, Jerry Hatfield, Jim Jones

Talk 2 Models for crop diseases: Overview of approaches, scales
Speaker-- Serge Savary

Talk 3 – Models for crop insect pests: Overview of approaches, scales
Speaker--Charles Godfray

Talk 4 – Modeling crop losses caused by pests & diseases and management
Speaker--Ken Boote

Talk 5 – Modeling economics of pest and disease damage and management
Speaker---Yuan Chai

Talk 6 – Integrated modeling of crops, pests, and economics: What purposes and approaches? Speaker--John Antle


Day 2 – Tuesday, February 24th


Day 2 Goals  Introduced by Marcello Donatelli

Talk 7 – Modeling potential effects of climate change on potato late blight
Speaker--Ariena van Bruggen

Talk 8 – Crop insect pest modeling: What have we learned from past efforts?
Speaker--Segenet Kelemu
Talk 9 – Crop modeling incorporating pests and diseases: What have we learned? Speaker--Mauricio Fernandes

Talk 10 – Incorporating climate change scenarios
Speaker-- Alex Ruane

Talk 11 – Modeling interactions of crops and diseases
Speaker--Marcello Donatelli

Talk 12 – AgMIP Teams for intercomparing and improving models
Speaker– Jim Jones


Day 3 – Wednesday, February 25th


Day 3 Goal introduced by Cynthia Rosenzweig:

  • Creating a roadmap for AgMIP pest and disease integrated modeling

Talk 13 – Next generation crop disease models for integrated assessments; will generic models work?
Speaker-- Roger Magarey

Talk 14 – Next generation crop insect pest models for integrated assessments

Speaker--Jurgen Krosche




Florida Climate Institute


This workshop was by invitation only.



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