Meeting Themes & Topics


The scientific themes of MMM4 are focused on the biology and ecology of mangrove ecosystems as well as societal interactions with and influences on mangrove ecosystems:


  • Impacts of Global Change on the Distribution, Structure and Function of Mangrove Communities
  • Human Interactions with and Influences on Mangrove Ecosystems
  • The Role of Macrobenthic Communities in Mangroves
  • Mangrove Management, Restoration and Rehabilitation
  • Valuation of Mangroves and Other Coastal Ecosystems to Society
  • Assessing Carbon and Water Cycling in Mangrove Ecosystems: What Do We Really Know?




The topics for oral and poster presentations at MMM4 include all aspects of mangrove ecology including the ecological, physical, economic and social processes that affect the structure and function of  mangrove ecosystems, including but not limited to the following;


  • Biodiversity
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Biotic Interactions
  • Blue Carbon
  • Climate Change
  • Community Structure
  • Ecology of Mangrove Macrobenthos
  • Ecology of Mangrove Marine Communities
  • Ecophysiology of Mangrove Flora and Fauna
  • Ecosystem Services and Valuations
  • Habitat Stability
  • Historical Ecology
  • Land-Sea Interactions and Connectivity
  • Mangrove Biocomplexity
  • Mangrove Distribution
  • Mangrove Forest Structure
  • Mangrove Genetics
  • Mangrove Macrobenthos
  • Mangrove Restoration and Rehabilitation
  • Remote Sensing
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Seedling Dynamics and Demography
  • Social-Ecological Interactions

About MMM4

MMM4 stands for the 4th Mangrove and Macrobenthos Meeting. This meeting is an international discussion on the causes and consequences of mangrove ecosystem expansion in an ever-changing climate. Join us this year in St. Augustine, FL on the historic grounds of Flagler College.

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