Groovy Workshops

Tuesday, October 22, 2024
Free to Attend
Advance Registration is Required
Artwork made of Plants


Welcome to the world of gARTening! Join UF/IFAS Orange County Extension Agent Clarissa Chairez to learn a unique and creative way to incorporate nature into art with Pound Flower Art! This technique, also known as flower pounding or flower hammer art, offers a unique blend of botanical beauty and artistic expression.

Flowers, Pitcher and Glass on Table

Horticulture Happy Hour

Discover the delicious side of gardening! Join UF/IFAS Clay County Extension Agent Wayne Hobbs as we explore exciting gardening topics and learn how to transform your harvest into refreshing beverages.

Hydroponics with Jeremy Rhoden

Hydroponics with Jeremy Rhoden

Hydroponics is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide as a sustainable method for crop cultivation. It allows crops to grow 3-4 times faster than traditional methods, while conserving water, reducing the need for fertilizers and pesticides, and utilizing less land. Join UF/IFAS Marion County Extension Agent Jeremy Rhoden as he shares insights into the principles and benefits of hydroponic gardening. Dive into the future of gardening with us!

Woman Practicing Yoga on Lawn

Yoga for Gardeners

Staying flexible is imperative for gardeners to remain active and enjoy gardening for many years to come. Yoga for gardeners blends gentle yoga stretches and calming breath work to keep your body nimble and your mind present. Join UF/IFAS St. Johns County Extension Agent Terra Freeman for a yoga practice that will focus on stretching your gardening muscles and provide postures that will help you stay limber in the garden and in life.