Linking Science to Management: A Conference & Workshop on the Florida Keys Marine Ecosystem -- October 19-22, 2010 Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuaries National Park Service NOAA UF/IFAS USGS Linking Science to Management: A Conference & Workshop on the Florida Keys Marine Ecosystem

with Viewing of Randy Olson's Film
Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy

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Brian Keller
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Who Should Attend

  • Natural Resource Managers

  • Conservation Managers

  • Sanctuary and Park Managers

  • Marine Scientists

  • Scientists Conducting Research in the Florida Keys (Ecological Scientists, Conservation Scientists, and Science Managers interested in Coral Reefs and South Florida Ecosystem Management)

  • Federal, State, and Local Managers of Ecosystems, Listed Species and Fisheries in South Florida and Similar Environments (i.e. managers that have geographic responsibility such as the FKNMS, NPS, and State Parks that include the marine waters, etc.)

Scuba Diver

  • Advisory Council Members

  • Ecosystem Scientists

  • Interested Citizens and Resource Dependent Stakeholders

  • NGOs

  • Federal, State, and Local Conservation and Science Managers (those who oversee broad based conservation programs that are not place-based )

  • Conservation Organization Science and Management Staff

  • Interested Citizens, Resource Dependent Stakeholders

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