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Topics & Sub-topics

The format of CEER has been developed to foster discussions on a broad range of topics relevant to critical restoration issues and address the exchange of ideas, research, application, tools, funding, and policy aspects of ecosystem and ecological restoration around the globe. 


  1. Urban Ecosystem Restoration
  2. Coastal & Marine Ecosystem Restoration
  3. Rivers, Streams, & Lakes Ecosystem Restoration
  4. Upland, Woodland, Grassland, and Dryland Ecosystem Restoration
  5. Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration (Deepwater Horizon, RESTORE Act and NRDA)
  6. The Mississippi River – A Strategic Resource
  7. Extreme Event Responses (Hurricanes, Tropical Events, Natural and Manmade Disasters)
  8. Climate Change and Relative Sea Level Rise
  9. Policy/Regulatory Issues
  10. Stakeholder Engagement & Conflict Resolution
  11. Monitoring & Adaptive Management
  12. Mitigation
  13. Groundwater – Roles & Importance in Restoration


  1. Aquatic Species and/or Terrestrial Species
  2. Invasive Plants and Species
  3. Advances in Science/Modeling
  4. Innovative Approaches, Methods, Techniques
  5. Water Quality
  6. Socio-Economic Aspects of Ecosystem Restoration
  7. Ecosystem Goods and Services
  8. Creative Funding Strategies
  9. Governance, Decision Making and Prioritization
  10. Carbon Sequestration
  11. Green Infrastructure/Strategies
  12. Trial and Error - Lessons Learned to Advance Restoration
  13. Other

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