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Call for Abstracts



All individuals working in ecological and ecosystem restoration are invited to submit abstracts describing their efforts, science, projects and results. Oral and poster presentations will be selected from abstract submissions, and abstracts from all presentations will be published online in the conference book of abstracts. Poster presentations will be divided into two sessions and formal poster sessions will be held for each grouping to allow maximum time for discussion with individual authors.

Oral Presentations – Limited to One Per Author
In an effort to showcase as many perspectives as possible, authors will be limited to only one oral presentation in the program.  If you were asked to submit an abstract for presentation in a specific Dedicated Session, be sure to indicate the number assigned to that session. This should have been communicated to you by the session organizer. If this number is not indicated, your abstract may be inadvertently assigned for presentation in another session.

North America Painted on HandsPoster Presentations
Abstracts may also be submitted as poster presentations. There is no limit and authors may present one or more poster presentations.  Posters will be featured throughout the conference, and during two formal Poster Session Networking Receptions allowing maximum interaction between presenters and colleagues attending the conference.

Abstracts must be submitted ONLINE via this web site.  Please do not email files to the organizers.


Abstract Preparation and Formatting Instructions:

CLICK links below to view a perfectly formatted abstract or to use the WORD file as a template to prepare your abstract:
Word Document | PDF

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Because use of MS Office 2007 is not standard with many federal agencies, we have been asked to only accept MS Office 2003 files to facilitate access to abstract files during the review process.
  • Abstracts should be no longer than ONE page in length. No graphs or figures should be included.
  • Set margins at 1", top, bottom and sides and use Times Roman font at a size of 12 points.
  • Type abstract title flush left on a line.
  • Type abstract title in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Use the following formatting within titles: italics (for scientific names), subscript (for scientific formulas and superscript mathematic equations), etc.
  • List the senior author first and Bold the presenting author
  • Identify author affiliations using superscript numeral references
  • Do not include professional titles of the authors.
  • Include ONLY the affiliation name, city, state and country in abstract listing. (Please do not include full mailing address at the top of the abstract.)
  • Type the body of the abstract single spaced without indents or tabs. DOUBLE SPACE BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS.
  • Apply bolding, italics, underlining, superscripts and subscripts in your main text as you want it to appear in your final abstract.
  • Include full contact information for the presenting author at the very end of the abstract as follows:  
    Contact Information: J. Mark Genesis, Department of Ecology, University of California,
    Berkeley, CA 94720 USA, Phone: 510-555-5555, Fax: 510-555-5000, Email:


The Abstract Submission Process Consists of Completing FOUR Consecutive Steps:

  • Review and Follow Abstract Preparation and Submission Instructions
  • Submit Presenter Profile Information (be careful of typos to avoid publishing errors)
  • Upload Abstract File (Only MSOffice 2003 Word Versions or lower accepted)  
  • Print Abstract Submittal Confirmation Form

After you have successfully completed the first three steps, a confirmation form will be instantly generated on your screen confirming receipt of your abstract. Please keep a copy of this form on file for your records. You will also receive an email confirmation, which we suggest you keep a copy on file in your CEER FOLDER so you have immediate access to your submission information. NOTE: If you don’t receive the email, please check your JUNK FOLDER for an email from Kimberly Brand, as sometimes servers will re-direct confirmation emails to this folder.

All abstracts must be submitted individually online (please do not email them to the organizers), and a fee of $25.00 per abstract is charged at the time of submission. This fee needs to be paid by credit card so have your credit card handy before you begin the abstract submission process.

Please Note: All program participants, including speakers, poster presenters, panelists, session organizers and moderators, are expected to pay the conference registration fee to attend and participate in the conference.


It is your responsibility to follow-up and contact the organizers immediately if you do not receive an email confirming your submission. For questions or to verify the status of your abstract contact: Beth Miller-Tipton, Tel: 352-392-5930; Email:


Presenters (both poster and oral) need to register for the conference and pay the full registration fee. We will publish a confirmed registration fee schedule on the web site no later than February 15th, 2014. In the meantime, for travel and budgeting purposes, we anticipate the registration fee will be approximately $495 for government and non-profit attendees, and $595 for corporate attendees.



Online Abstract Submission is CLOSED!


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