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ACES 2018 offers a variety of ways to participate in the program development process. Proposals for the following session formats are being accepted until February 23, 2018. For more information on the specific requirements of each session format, click on the headings below.


Workshops are pre-conference trainings lasting 3.5 or 7 hours (not including lunch) on Monday, December 3rd. Workshops will be included as part of the conference registration fee, but pre-registration is required and workshop attendance will be limited under the guidance of each workshop organizer to ensure a quality training environment. Individual abstracts are encouraged but not required for workshop presenters.

Organized sessions will be part of the main conference agenda. Sessions are 105 minutes long and contain five (5) 20-minute speaker slots with a 5-minute moderator introduction. The 20-minute speaker slots consist of up to 15 minutes of prepared comments and 5 minutes Q&A, with or without PowerPoint slides. All presenters are required to submit individual abstracts.

A limited number of panel sessions will be accommodated, with a maximum of 5 panelists. Panel sessions typically do not use PowerPoint. Panel session organizers may submit one abstract for the entire session, but individual abstracts may be submitted by panelists if desired.

Town Halls last 60-90 minutes and take place in the lunch and/or evening hours of the ACES conference. They are an excellent way to seek out discussion and input from the resource that is the ACES Community. Town Halls will be moderated discussions under the leadership of the organizer. Topic leaders may also be identified, though formal presentations are discouraged in favor of group discussion.

Which session type is right for me?

Type Timing Length Format Miscellaneous
Pre-Conference Workshop Monday only Half-day (3.5 hours) or Full-day (7 hours, not including lunch). There will be multiple workshops occurring at the same time. Flexible format with varied number of speakers. Organizers have the most flexibility for set-up and structure in this format. Workshops are included in the main conference registration. Abstracts are optional.
Organized Oral Session Tuesday - Friday 105 minutes long, containing five separate 20-minute speaking slots. All speakers are strongly encouraged to keep their prepared comments to a maximum of 15 minutes to allow for audience Q&A and open discussion. There will be multiple concurrent oral sessions occurring at the same time. Organizer is typically the moderator for this session. Talks may be presented with or without PPT, but most will have PPT. Rooms are set theater style with optional panel tables at the front of the room. Final session slot may be used for discussion, however it is strongly encouraged that you maximize individual speaking opportunities. Abstracts are required for each presenter, with the exception of panel sessions, in which one abstract can be submitted for the entire session.
Town Hall Tuesday - Thursday 60-90 minutes during lunch and/or in the evening. May be more than one occurring at the same time. Sessions have a leader who sets an agenda, and possibly a couple of topical leaders to frame the conversation. This is not a place for formal presentations. Can be used as a working group to seek input from the larger ES Community. No abstracts are required for town halls.

Interested in presenting, but don’t have a full session? Make plans to submit an abstract by June 4, 2018.

Submission Deadline has passed.

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