Conference on Laurel Wilt Disease and Natural Ecosystems

Agenda Topics

To address the many challenges ecosystems face with the pervasive spread of laurel wilt, stakeholders and the research community must increase their understanding of disease dynamics at the landscape level. This conference provides a timely opportunity to learn the most recent state of knowledge regarding laurel wilt, its biology, impacts in native ecosystems and efforts to mitigate for its devastating effects. This conference also serves as a forum to network and exchange ideas on future collaborations, and to identify research gaps that should be addressed. A field trip to the Everglades tree islands, which are experiencing severe mortality due to laurel wilt, will give attendees a first-hand look at the damaging effects of laurel wilt disease on this significant ecosystem.
The program agenda will feature invited experts and practitioners presenting a summary of current knowledge on:

  • Disease and vector biology
  • Cultural, ecologic and economic impacts
  • Management and mitigation 


US Forest Service


Speaker Presentations
June 16-18, 2015

Photo Galleries

Welcome Social
June 16, 2015


Field Trip
June 17, 2015


June 18, 2015

Laurel Wilt Info

Detection of Laurel Wilt Disease in Avocado Using Low Altitude Aerial Imaging

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