Conference on Laurel Wilt Disease and Natural Ecosystems

Speaker Information and Instructions

Session Set-up  

  • Speakers will be able to see their presentations on a screen angled to the side.
  • Speakers will be provided with a Lapel Mic and Wireless Remote Control to advance & reverse PowerPoint slides.
  • We will use a PC laptop* with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Application. (The laptop will be located at the AV operator table and controlled by an AV operator.)
  • All PowerPoint files will be loaded in advance. An AV operator seated at a Tech Station will open each file to the first slide.
  • Speakers are requested to join us for the field trip and full day of presentations. Check-in at conference registration upon arrival at the hotel and prior to session start time. Registration will be located in the foyer.
  • NOTE: Internet access is not available for presentations.

*We encourage you to use the laptop offered by the conference. If you absolutely must use your own laptop, please contact Beth at  immediately. [You will need to bring all cables and test your laptop 24-hours prior to your talk to avoid disruption to sessions.]

PowerPoint Presentations

  • Embed graphs or figures into file as independent objects; do not dynamically link from other programs.
  • Limit your file size to 30MB or less.
  • Photos for slides should be compressed and saved in a lower resolution.
  • Disable any automatic advance timer on your file.
  • We will accept files on jump drives or CDs. Label your jump drive or CD with your contact information.
  • If you plan to use video in your presentation at the conference, please note:
    1. Acceptable video files are: Real Player; Media Player; QuickTime.
    2. Try to limit any one video file size to 50 MB or less.
    3. Save video files using your last name to ensure association and loading.

Can we Share Your Presentation?
Upon conclusion of your talk, conference organizers wish to share your presentation as a PDF on the web site. Let us know when emailing your file if you do not wish to share your presentation.

NOTE: Due to software incompatibility, videos in PPT files are not viewable in the PDF version.  

CLICK HERE to view Tips for Developing Your PowerPoint Presentation

Have Questions or Need Assistance? Contact:
Beth Miller-Tipton; Tel: 352-392-5930, Email:

US Forest Service


Speaker Presentations
June 16-18, 2015

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Welcome Social
June 16, 2015


Field Trip
June 17, 2015


June 18, 2015

Laurel Wilt Info

Detection of Laurel Wilt Disease in Avocado Using Low Altitude Aerial Imaging

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