May 6-8, 2024
Gainesville, FL


Invasive species represent one of the greatest contemporary threats to biodiversity, interacting with and often exacerbating other drivers of environmental change to impact agricultural productivity, ecosystem resilience and human health. Invasive species problems are complex and multidimensional, yet our approach to their management is often piecemeal and reliant on single disciplinary perspectives.

Organized by the Invasion Science Research Institute (ISRI) , this symposium aims to explore and promote the development of interdisciplinary research and the use of novel tools and approaches, to advance our understanding of invasive species and inform the design, organization and delivery of policies and practices that can improve prevention and management.

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts are now available for submission. Visit our Call for Abstracts page for submission intructions.

The goal of the symposium is to:

Present cutting-edge scientific information
Improve links across disciplines and systems, sharing insights and lessons learned
Create an inclusive environment to enable researchers to network with peers and colleagues
Contribute to building a multidisciplinary community of invasion science researchers across the U.S. and beyond

Should Acts of God or natural or public health emergencies prevent this event from being held in-person, conference sessions will be held virtually via Zoom.

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