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GEER 2015

Poster Directory

First Name Last Name Organization Abstract Title Poster PDF
Odiney  Alvarez-Campos  University of Florida-EREC  Biochar and Mill Ash Use as Soil Amendments to Grow Sugarcane on Sandy Soils of South Florida 
Gordon  Anderson  USGS - SESC  Comparing the Seasonal and Spatial Variability of Surface Water and Groundwater Salinity in the Eastern Panhandle, Everglades National Park, FL, USA  
Matahel  Ansar  South Florida Water Management District  Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Hydraulic Design of an Everglades Restoration Strategies Project   
Jenifer  Barnes  South Florida Water Management District  Climate Sensitivity Runs Using the South Florida Water Management Model   Christina Brown Poster
Christine  Beck  Florida International University  Parasite Gain and Enemy Release: Comparing the Parasite Assemblages of Everglades Introduced Cichlids and Native Sunfishes  
Carrie  Beeler  US DOI, Office of Everglades Restoration Initiatives  Invasive Exotic Species Strategic Action Framework  
Jesse  Blanchard  Florida International University  Shifted Assembly Rules: How Do Non-native Fishes Affect Metacommunity Assembly in Ephemeral Wetland Habitats?    
Jesus  Blanco  Florida International University  Forest Productivity Along an Elevational Gradient in the Upper Florida Keys. Christina Brown Poster
Amanda  Booth  US Geological Survey  Spatial Distribution of Nitrate+Nitrite Concentrations in the Tidal Caloosahatchee River During 2014   
Elizabeth  Boughton  Archbold Biological Station  Assessing Trade-Offs Among Ecosystem Services in a Payment-For-Water Services Program on Florida Ranchlands   
Lindsay  Brendis  University of South Florida - St. Petersburg  A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Mangrove Coverage in Charlotte Harbor   
Christina  Brown  Florida International University  Valuation of Fishery Ecosystem Services of the Everglades Water Management 
Megan  Burford  University of South Florida St. Petersburg  Carbon Sequestration in the Mangrove Forests of Charlotte Harbor and Implications for Conservation and Restoration   
Brendan  Buskirk  U.S. Geological Survey  Transport of Phosphorus with Suspended Sediment During Experimental Restoration of Everglades High Flows    
John  Butterfield  U.S. Geological Survey, Southeast Ecological Science Center  Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR): A New Approach to Environmental DNA (eDNA) Detection of Rare and Cryptic Species   
David W  Ceilley  Johnson Engineering, Inc.  Macroinvertebrates of Wetlands, Canals, and Streams in SW Florida: A Rapid Field Assessment and Multivariate Approach for Community Analysis and Identifying Indicator Taxa 
David W  Ceilley  Johnson Engineering, Inc.  Tape Grass, Vallisneria Americana Restoration in SW Florida Using Exclosure Cages to Reduce Herbivory and Promote Seed Production 
Julia  Chapman  CNTS  Assessment of Small Mammal Demographics and Communities in the Greater Everglades Ecosystem   
Kailey  Comparetto  USF  Organic Carbon Burial Rates in an Area Transitioning from Sawgrass Marsh to Mangrove Adjacent to the Harney River in Everglades National Park   
Paul  Conrads  USGS  Automated Online Ecological Modeling And Evaluation For Everglades Management And Restoration 
Philip  Coppola  University of West Florida  Quantifying Habitat and Apple Snail Density Effects on Prey Availability to Snail Kites   
Juliana  Corrales  Florida International University  Environmental and Economic Benefits of a Water Quality Trading Program in a Northern Lake Okeechobee Basin   
Wenbin  Cui  Florida International University  Methylmercury in Food Webs in the Everglades: Temporal Variations Over the Last Two Decades   
Mathew  Denton  U.S. Geological Survey, Southeast Ecological Science Center  Diet and Foraging Ecology of Diamondback Terrapins (Malaclemys Terrapin) in South Florida, Including Everglades National Park   
Mark  Dickman  U. S. Geological Survey  Hydrologic Monitoring at S-152 for the Decompartmentilization Physical Model (DPM) Flow-Release Test 
Nathan  Dorn  Florida Atlantic University  Predation by Crayfish Favors Native Over Invasive Apple Snails  
Alana  Edwards  Florida Atlantic University  Habitat Suitability for an Endangered Butterfly, Bartram's Scrub Hairstreak, and Implications for Management   Christina Brown Poster
Edwin  Everham  Florida Gulf Coast University  Guiding Lake Trafford's Restoration: Lake Trafford Management Team And Management Action Plan 
Edwin  Everham  Florida Gulf Coast University  Herpetofaunal Community Changes in Multiple Habitats Over Fifteen Years in the Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed 
Seth  Farris  University of Florida - FLREC  The Role of the American Alligator (Alligator Mississippiensis) and American Crocodile (Crocodylus Acutus) as Indicators of Ecological Change in Everglades Ecosystems   
Larry  Fink  Waterwise Consulting, LLC  Derivation of a Water Quality Criterion to Protect the Florida Panther (Puma Concolor Coryi  
Junnio  Freixa  Florida International Univ  Does Fire Have a Role in the Transition From a Healthy Tree Island to a Ghost Island? A Fire History Analysis  Christina Brown Poster
Ikuko  Fujisaki  University of Florida  Home Range and Movements of American Alligators in an Estuary Habitat   
John  Galvez  U.S. FISH & WILDLIFE SERVICE  Describing Largemouth Bass Biometric and Distributional Characteristics in Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, Florida, USA  
John  Galvez  U.S. FISH & WILDLIFE SERVICE  Describing the Fish Community in the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, Florida, USA  
Helena Giannini National Park Service  The Vegetation Mapping Project of Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve
Jesus  Gomez-Velez  U.S.G.S.  Using Heat as a Tracer to Quantify Effects of Restored High Flows on Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in the Everglades   
Sergio C.  Gonzalez  Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission  Assessing Impacts of an Active Water Schedule on Vegetation and Mammal Communities in Holey Land Wildlife Management Area   
Matthew  Hanson  USGS  Small Mammal Communities as Indicators of Restoration Success in the Greater Everglades   
Gregory  Hill  Florida International University, SERC  Quantifying the movement and habitat use of native sunfishes in response to seasonal hydrological variation in the Everglades   
Diane  Harshbarger  Florida Atlantic University  Effectiveness of Aerial Herbicide Treatment of Melaleuca for Habitat Recovery in the Northern Everglades  Christina Brown Poster
Rebecca  Harvey  University of Florida  Concern for Invasive Burmese Pythons (Python Molurus Bivittatus) Among Participants and Non-Participants in the 2013 Python Challenge  Christina Brown Poster
John  Herman  Florida Gulf Coast University  Home Range Size and Habitat Use by the Eastern Indigo Snake (Drymarchon Couperi) in South Florida: C-44 Reservoir Site, Allapattah Flats, and Babcock Ranch 
Margaret  Hunter  U.S. Geological Survey, Southeast Ecological Science Center  Environmental DNA (eDNA) Occurrence and Detection Estimates for Invasive Burmese Pythons in Southern Florida   
Kanika  Inglett  University of Florida - IFAS  Carbon Functional Groups Influence Methanogenesis Pathways: Florida Everglades as a Case Study   
Stephen  Jennewein  University of Florida  Developing Sustainable Soil Management Practices for Organic Soils of the Everglades Agricultural Area   
Kanika  Inglett  University of Florida - IFAS  Microbial Methane Oxidation in Freshwater Wetland Soils: Kinetics and Sensitivity to Nutrient Conditions   
Anupama  John  Florida International University  Application of Single Polarimetric Radarsat-2 Images in Estimating Water Stage in the Everglades
Kang-Ren  Jin  South Florida Water Man. Dist.  An Integrated Environment Model for a Constructed Wetland - Hydrodynamics and Transport Processes   
Stephen  Kelly  South Florida Water Management District  Biogeochemical Fluxes from Estuarine Mangrove Lake Sediments Adjacent to Florida Bay   
Suzanne  Kennedy  Floravista, Inc.  Vegetation Regeneration in the Hole-In-The-Donut, Everglades National Park, Meets Success Targets 
Emily  Kroloff  Florida International University  Where Are All the Bonefish? Integrating Angler Perspectives and Ecological Changes Influencing Bonefish Declines in the Florida Bay    
Priyanka  Kushwaha  Florida International University  Biodiversity of Functional Genes Across Miami-Dade County Soils   
Edward  Linden  Florida International University  Hydrologic Controls of Coastal Groundwater Discharge in Taylor Slough, Everglades National Park, FL, USA   
Gladys  Liehr  University of Miami - RSMAS  IBBEAM – An Intebrated Biscayne Bay Ecological Assessment and Monitoring Project   
Mario  Londono  Florida International University  The Rrelationship Between Rainfall and Nutrient Concentrations in the Coastal Everglades   
Viviana  Mazzei  Florida International University  Response of the Diatom Encyonema Evergladianum to Environmental Changes Associated with Sea Level Rise in the Caribbean Basin   
Luca  Marazzi  Florida International University, SERC  Algal Biodiversity in Subtropical Wetlands: An Opportunity for Comparative Research   
Sarah  Martin  The Institute for Regional Conservation  The Pine Rocklands of the Miami Rock Ridge: An Everglades Ecosystem in Peril   
Matthew  McClellan  Florida Atlantic University  Spatial Variability in Biogenic Gas Releases from Subtropical Peat Monoliths is Revealed from High Frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)   
Bryan  McCloskey  Cherokee Nation Technology Solutions Nesting Habitat Availability for Cape Sable Seaside Sparrows as a Function of Everglades Water Depth 
Bryan  McCloskey  Cherokee Nation Technology Solutions Using Explore and View EDEN (EVE) to Access Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN) Data 
Bryan  McCloskey  Cherokee Nation Technology Solutions Using the Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN) for Real-time Evaluation of the Everglades Restoration Transition Plan (ERTP) and its Impacts on Tree Islands in the Florida Everglades 
Cali  Munzenrieder  Florida Atlantic University  Examining Biogenic Gas Dynamics in Peat Soils of the Florida Everglades Using Capacitance Moisture Probes  
Kenneth  Meyer  Avian Research and Conservation Institute  Snail Kite (Rostrhamus Sociabilis) Exposure To Mercury In Florida: Sub-Lethal Concentrations In The Southern Everglades May Hinder Reproduction And Curtail Recovery   
DeEtta  Mills  Florida International University  Disease, Dogs and Drones: An Integrated Approach for Tracking Fungal Pathogens in the Environment   
Erin  Myers  US Fish and Wildlife Service  The Florida Panther Payment for Ecosystem Services Pilot Project   
Lindsey  Nieratka  The Institute for Regional Conservation  Floristic Data – Theory, Application, and Impact   
Eduardo  Patino  U S Geological Survey  Use of Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter (FDOM) Sensor Data to Calculate Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations in Everglades National Park   
Lisa  Reger  Florida Atlantic University  Post-Fire Succession and Carbon Storage in the Northern Everglades   
Thomas  Poulson  Retired  EG Revitalization: Manage the Unavoidable of Sea-Level Rise   
Barry  Rosen  USGS- Southeast Region  Cyanobacterial Mediated Mineralization of a Rare Form of Calcium Carbonate in the Everglades: Vaterite 
Jimi  Sadle  National Park Service, Everglades National Park  The Botany of Shell Mounds in Southwestern Everglades National Park, Florida   
Jay  Sah  Florida International University  Hydrologic Driven Short-term Vegetation Successional Dynamics in Shark River Slough, Everglades National Park, Florida   
Pamela  Schofield  U S Geological Survey  The Trojan Y Method for Controlling Established Invasive Species   
Anne  Sexton  The University of Florida - IFAS  Reducing Labile Phosphorus in Agricultural Canal Sediment by Controlling Floating and Submerged Aquatic Vegetation  Christina Brown Poster
Alison  Simon  FIU  Application of Voc Analysis for Canine Training and the Detection of the Fatal Laurel Wilt Disease   
Thomas  Shahan  Florida Atlantic University  Utilizing Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to Investigate the Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Biogenic Gases from Peat Soils at the Loxahatchee Impoundment Landscape Assessment (LILA)   
Dilip  Shinde  Everglades National Park  Alligator Production Suitability Index Model for Restoration Planning and Assessment 
Matthew  Sirianni  Florida Atlantic University  Investigating the Effects of Increased Salinity and Temperature on Carbon Gas Dynamics of Subtropical Peat Soils   
J Lanette  Sobel  UNIVERSITY OF Florida/IFAS  Mitigating the Cultural and Ecological Losses from Laurel Wilt on Swamp Bay on Tribal Lands in Florida   
Lars  Soderqvist  USGS Caribbean-Florida Water Science Center  Visualization of Water Velocity Fields Entering and Exiting Structure-152 in Support of the Decompartmentalization Physical Model (DPM), Water Conservation Area 3, Miami-Dade County, Florida   
Pushpa  Soti  Florida International University  Influence of Soil Biogeochemical Properties on Exotic Invasive Lygodium Microphyllum: A Cross Continent Comparison of Soil Characteristics to Invasion Success   
Bethany  Stackhouse  USGS  Molluscan Survival in Extreme Environments of Florida Bay   
Peter  Swart  University of Miami - RSMAS  Insights Into Feeding Ecology, Timing of Egg Formation, and Geographic Range of Waterbirds from South Florida Using the Stable Isotopic Composition of Carbonate (C & O) and the Organic Matrix (C & N)   
Allison  Swartz  USGS - National Research Program  Measuring High-Flow Sediment Dynamics to Determine a Hydraulic Threshold for Restoring the Ridge and Slough Landscape   
Georgio  Tachiev  GIT CONSULTING LLC  Hydrologic Modeling of Proposed Reservoir in West Miami Dade to Supply Fresh Water for Environmental Restoration of Biscayne National Park   
Serge  Thomas  Florida Gulf Coast University  Stormwater Ponds Of SW Florida Could Deal a Blow to GEER   
Ginger  Tiling-Range  USGS/Cherokee Nation Technology Solutions  Using Fossilized Charcoal and 210Pb to Test the Everglades Fire History Geodatabase   
Mohsen  Tootoonchi University of Florida - Student  Impact of Water Management on Rice Yields, Rice Water Weevil Infestation and Rainage Water Quality in the Everglades Agricultural Area  Christina Brown Poster
William  Wright  Florida Atlantic University  Seasonal Biogenic Gas Dynamics in the Florida Everglades are Revealed Using Hydrogeophysical Methods   
Joel  VanArman  (Arthur R. Marshall Foundation)  Nutrients in Leaves of Pond Apples (Annona Glabra) and Surrounding Soil and Water in a Cypress-Pond Apple Swamp in the Northern Everglades   
Shimon  Wdowinski  University of Miami - RSMAS  Insar For Water Level Monitoring In The Everglades Wetlands   
Corey  Whittaker  US Geological Survey  Availability of Geodetic Surveys by the U.S. Geological Survey in south Florida  
Sara  Williams  University of Florida - FLREC  Diet Analysis of Oustalet’s Chameleons (Furcifer Oustaleti), an Established Exotic in Southern Florida, USA    
Jing  Yuan  The University of Florida  Pattern Metrics and the Early Detection of Ecosystem Degradation in the Ridge-Slough Landscape  Christina Brown Poster
William  Wright  Florida Atlantic University  Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to Image Spatial Variability in Porosity in the Miami Limestone   



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