Sponsorship Opportunities

Please note the official language of the conference is English.

It is only through the generous financial contributions from citrus processing and related industries that make this conference possible and their donations are greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Renée Goodrich Schneider, Program Organizer.

For your support, your company will receive recognition in the following ways:
  • On the conference website with a link to your firm's home page
  • In the final agenda given to all participants at the conference (commitment by August 10)
  • On event-specific signage at the conference functions (commitment by August 10)
  • Through sponsor ribbons for registered* sponsors
  • Through PowerPoint slides during meeting breaks
  • Through announcements during the conference
  • Logo recognition on the back of the program book (commitment by August 10)
  • On the website until the next ICBC!

*There is no quid pro quo associated with any donation. All attending sponsors are to register and pay the registration fee.

September 19-22, 2023
Clearwater Beach, FL