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International Vaccinium Symposium ISHS

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Program Information:
Jim Olmstead
  University of Florida/IFAS
  Horticulture Science Department
  Gainesville, FL
  TEL: 352-273-4837
  EMAIL: jwolmstead@ufl.edu

General Information:
Mandy Stage
  Symposium Coordinator
  University of Florida/IFAS 
  Office of Conferences & Institutes
  Gainesville, FL
  TEL: 352-294-3578
  EMAIL: mstage@ufl.edu

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XII International Vaccinium Symposium
August 30 September 3, 2020
Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada)
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Photo Credits

Left to right photos provided by:

James Olmstead, UF/IFAS, USA Blueberry Harvest

Andrey Sabitov, FEES,VIR, Russia Vaccinium praestans flowers

James Olmstead, UF/IFAS, USA Vaccinium

James Olmstead, UF/IFAS, USA Blueberries close up

Kim Hummer, USDS-ARS, USA, Vaccinium corymbosum

Charles Armstrong , University of Maine Cooperative Extension Vaccinium macrocarpon


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