Water Quality Concepts, Sampling, and Analysis: 
A Skill Sharpening Course for IFAS Faculty

February 21-25, 2011

Tropical Research and Education Center, Homestead, Florida

10 Ways to Benefit

  1. Review of water regulations and the development of numeric criteria in the state of Florida with discussions

  2. Learn how to design and conduct water quality monitoring

  3. Experience hands-on water quality sampling from surface water, groundwater, soil water, and wetlands and practical issues related to sampling and interpreting the results

  4. Experience hands-on water quality analysis

  5. Exposure to state-of-the-art water quality laboratory equipment and expertise

  6. Learn statistical analysis and uncertainty of water quality data

  7. See and learn from leading scientists at Federal Agencies and Regional Water Management Districts

  8. Receive a hardcover copy of “Water Quality Concept, Sampling and Analyses (Li and Migliaccio, 2010)”

  9. Interact with professionals in the field of water quality

  10. Explore your new knowledge by working through selected water quality problems facing southern Florida

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