Bridging Conservation and Development in Latin America
and Africa: Changing Contexts, Changing Strategies

Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD) Program
59th Annual Center for Latin American Studies Conference
26th Annual Center for African Studies Gwendolen M. Carter Lectures
Mellon-LASA Seminar
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

                       January 28-30, 2010  l  University of Florida  l  Gainesville, Florida


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Bridging & Sharing Ideas
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Deadline for Registration is Friday, January 15, 2010.

UF/IFAS: Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Bridging and Sharing Ideas at the Conference

The overarching theme of this conference is "bridging"- not just regions- but ideas and strategies. At the conference we will be using some exciting online tools to provide additional platforms for participants to build these bridges. Through Twitter and ScribbleLive we hope to connect participants and track emerging themes from talks and discussions. Our goal is to promote sharing, learning and interaction not only for conference attendees, but also for those who are interested in following along in other parts of the world.

Twitter provides an easy way to send comments from your phone on computer. ScribbleLive allows you to post more in-depth comments. We will also have notecards available during conference plenary sessions for those who would like to simply write down comments or questions.

Please take a minute to learn how you can use these tools to post your own comments, questions, and links. We will have help desks at the conference to assist you in get started. We will have a data collection team reading your posts and tracking themes and questions as they emerge. Comments, questions and emerging discussion topics will be posted via computer monitors throughout the conference. In addition to fostering dialogue among participants, your comments and questions will help inform the small group discussion session on day 2 of the conference.

Instructions on using Twitter, ScribbleLive, and Notecards

Twitter: is an online micro-blogging site where you can post short comments and questions related to the conference. Other participants will see your posts and can respond to them.

Our hashtag for the conference is #UFBCD

Twitter Basics:

  1. Create an account.

  2. At your Twitter Homepage type short messages about the conference. Make sure to include #UFBCD in your post.

  3. To read others’ posts about the conference type #UFBCD in the search box on the right side of the Twitter Homepage screen.

For answers to frequently asked questions about Twitter visit Twitter's Help Site.

For a comprehensive introduction to twitter see:

Conference participants have already started tweeting about the conference. Search #UFBCD to see what they’re saying.

Scribble Live:

Scribblelive is a live blogging tool that you can use to post more in-depth comments and longer links. You can access this page here on the conference website or send and view posts here: Alternatively, comments for ScribbleLive can also be e-mailed to

You do not need to create an account, simply click “make a comment” and begin your post. A site moderator must approve your post before it goes public.

* Note: This site offers the feature of translating all content into Portuguese or Spanish.

ScribbleLive Messageboard

Paper Notecards:

Not a fan of high-tech posting? We’ll have notecards available at the conference for you to write down your comments and questions. Our data team will post these online—allowing you to contribute to the emerging conversation.

Jeff Hoelle and John Fort
Data Team Leaders

Questions? Email: Jeff Hoelle ( or John Fort (

UF/IFAS Office of Conferences and Institutes

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