May 8-11, 2006
UF Hilton Conference Center
Gainesville, Florida

  National Extension
  Conference 2006

    "Enhancing Teamwork
    with Technology"

Keynote Speakers

l Robert J. Ferl
l Craig Kvien
l James Oliverio

Robert J. Ferl
Extraterrestrial Agriculture: The science and technology of living off the face of the earth

Robert J. Ferl has a BA in biology from Hiram College and a PhD in biology from Indiana University. He is a Professor in the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida and is also an Assistant Director of the Biotechnology Program at the University of Florida. His long-standing research interests involve the signal events that regulate plant gene expression, particularly in response to adverse and extreme environments. He has used reporter gene technology in spaceflight experiments designed to understand plant responses to low earth orbit and he is currently involved in refining gene expression technologies and developing concepts for robotic plant growth missions to the moon and Mars.

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Craig Kvien
Improving agricultural efficiencies through wireless Internet technologies

Craig Kvien is the Chair of the National Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory (NESPAL) which is a multidisciplinary unit of the University of Georgia College of Ag and Environmental Sciences focused on new technologies which promise to aid agriculture both economically and environmentally. One of NESPAL's programs involves the use of wired and wireless Internet technologies to help agriculture better monitor and control farm operations. Craig, along with other team members will show attendees some of the applications now in operation, as well as a look down the road.

Craig Kvien will be joined by Vickie Garrick and Stuart Pocknee of NESPAL.

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James Oliverio
Folding Space: Distributed Collaboration in the Early 21st Century

James Oliverio is Professor of Music and Digital Media and Director of the Digital Worlds Institute at the University of Florida. He is internationally known as a creative artist, educator and producer, and is a frequent keynote speaker and consultant to digital media education programs. His work in the cross-pollination of technology and culture resulted in the award for "Most Creative and Courageous" use of Internet2 at the 2001 Global SuperComputing Conference, with subsequent profiles on CNN and the BBC. Oliverio is also a five-time Emmy Award winning composer whose scores have been performed by ensembles throughout the world including the Cleveland Orchestra, the Atlanta Symphony and the Kharkov Philharmonic. He recently served as producer of “Hands Across the Ocean”, winner of the inaugural Peoria Prize for Creativity in the Arts and Sciences (2005). Oliverio has worked with cultural and research institutions around the world to create the Digital Worlds collaborative network. This international partnership premiered “In Common: TIME” on special commission from ACM SIGGRAPH, joining indigenous artists and performers in seven cities across five continents in a real-time globally distributed performing arts collaboration that premiered at the Los Angeles Convention Center in August, 2005. Prior to coming to the University of Florida in 2001, Oliverio was Associate Professor and Composer in Residence at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

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