Call for Session Proposals

Submission Deadline has passed.

NCER Planning Committee looks to ecosystem restoration professionals to assist with developing the program agenda and invites you to propose a session related to your area of expertise. We are looking for sessions that are integrative, cross- system, and that promote the transfer of regional-based knowledge to a broad audience. We specifically would like to see sessions on both terrestrial and aquatic restoration. Visit the Session Topics page to review potential areas of focus, but don’t feel limited to these examples. We wish to present all emerging restoration topics of interest.

Steps to Develop a Session Proposal

  1. Define the purpose, focus and overarching message of the proposed session.
  2. Confirm five colleagues to present a diverse perspective in keeping with the session theme.
  3. Write a session proposal using this template.
  4. Use the online form to submit a proposal by Midnight EDT, October 1.

Session Format

Each session is 90-minutes long with a 5-minute introduction window, followed by five 15-minute talks and closing with a 10-minute discussion period.

Guidance for Session Development

NCER sessions should target their message for the ecosystem restoration community of practice (scientists, engineers, managers). Presentations should go beyond just providing technical information and project updates. They should link science to decision-making. Examples may include targeting restoration information as it relates to providing services to people and communities (e.g., mitigating extent of environmental disasters, providing socio-economic benefits, etc.). Presentations on ecosystem restoration that is ecosystem-type or geographic-based should include attention on transferability, scalability, and utility within this larger strategic communication context.

  • Transferred for use in other regions or ecosystem types;
  • Utilized in eliminating issues of uncertainty in restoration implementation;
  • Scaled for use in smaller and/or larger restoration projects; and be
  • Communicated in a strategic manner to a range of restoration practitioners.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Selection is based on content and expected level of interest, and the session's potential for generating useful results and dialogue among attendees. Preference will be given to sessions that are integrative in nature, and/or that communicate interdisciplinary science effectively to a broad audience.

Requirements to Communicate During Proposal Development

Speakers must:
  • Submit an abstract by the deadline of Friday, February 7, 2020.
  • Pay a $25 abstract submission fee per abstract (non-refundable).
  • Adhere to the limit of one talk per person. Speakers may also present a poster.
  • Confirm participation by registering and paying the applicable fee to by Friday, April 17, 2020. (Approximately $495 for government and non-profits, $595 for industry representatives, and $395 for students and retirees.
  • Estimated one-day registration fees will be $375.

Session Organizer Responsibilities

  1. Serve as the primary contact for the session. We communicate with one official representative per session.
  2. Communicate participation instructions to your speakers by Friday, November 1, 2019.
  3. Ensure speakers submit abstracts by Friday, February 7, 2020.
  4. Confirm a moderator by Wednesday, February 19, 2020.
  5. Submit a completed agenda grid by Friday, February 21, 2020. After abstract submission closes, we will email you a template to fill in the final session title, moderator name, and speaker names with talk titles in the final order.
  6. Ensure all speakers register and confirm participation by Friday, April 17, 2020.

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