NCER 2013 5th National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration

Call for Dedicated Session Proposals

NOTE: Deadline for Session Proposals has passed.

Because the deadline to submit Dedicated Session Proposals was extended by 10 days, the proposal review is still in progress. We will send out notifications on the status of proposals by Wednesday August 22. The Call for Abstracts will be released the following Monday, August 27, giving session organizers a few days to notify their invited speakers of the Assigned Number for their specific session. Abstract submitters will need to communicate this session number during the abstract submission process so their presentation is coded to the correct session.

The NCER Program Committee is responsible for developing sessions such that each presentation not only relates to the session theme but complements other presentations in that session. NCER '13 would also like to invite members of the ecosystem restoration community to assist with program development by proposing and organizing sessions. Session themes and topics are provided on the Themes Page. Acceptance of Proposals for Dedicated Sessions will be primarily based on an evaluation of the proposalís content, structure, and overall relevance to the overarching goals on NCER í13 Ė specifically, preference will be given to those sessions that are integrative, cross-system, and/or promote the transfer of regional-based knowledge to a broad audience. Additional criteria for evaluation will include the sessionís potential for generating useful results/dialogue among conference attendees, expected level of interest in the topic, as well as the organizerís own ability to lead a successful session.

A list of Programmatic Themes being featured at NCER 2013 is outlined on the Themes page. However, Proposers should not feel limited to these areas - we want to capture emerging topics and new ideas critical to Ecosystem Restoration. While proposals for Dedicated Session may not necessarily directly related to the Themes and Topics provided on the Themes Page, preference will be given for those sessions that emphasize sessions that engage multiple perspectives, either across systems / regions or among multiple stakeholders (e.g. federal, state, provincial, non-profit, corporate, etc.).


  1. Each session is 90-minutes long, and will be comprised of a 10-minute introduction and four, 20 minute talks. Dedicated session organizers are asked to identify five potential talks - four confirmed and one additional talk, which will be used as a backup talk for the session.
  2. We are frequently asked if the moderator can also give a talk. We do not recommend this practice. It is difficult to manage a session, and be responsible for giving a talk in the same session. Furthermore, most individuals must give a talk in order to obtain approval to attend the conference. We want to maximize the number of talk slots allocated for this purpose. Please keep this in mind when proposing speakers for your dedicated session.
  3. We are allowing one talk per person, and ask that no one be scheduled to speak twice. This maximizes the number of individuals approved to give an oral presentation, and helps further the likelihood they’ll get permission to travel to the conference. If you know a colleague is proposing a session on a topic similar to yours, feel free to talk amongst yourselves in advance to reduce the risk of two session organizers double booking a speaker. When in doubt, feel free to contact the program chair, Rob Daoust, by email for direction.
  4. At past NCER meetings, some Dedicated Sessions have been organized as Panel Discussions. Panel Discussion may also be submitted for consideration as part of the Call for Dedicated Sessions for NCER í13. Individuals interested in submitting a panel discussion should contact Rob Daoust by email for instructions and guidelines.

Dedicated Session Organizer Responsibilities

Note: All details for the session will be finalized via communications with only the primary organizer indicated in the online submission form. If a group of individuals is working together to organize a session, it is the responsibility of the primary organizer to communicate any and all details to other members on their team. Conference organizers and staff will only communicate directly with the primary organizer.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES as a Dedicated Session Organizer (please read carefully and keep this information on file for future reference)

As a session organizer, you are responsible for full management of speakers scheduled in your session, including:

- inviting and confirming specific individuals to speak in your dedicated session

- providing your invited/confirmed speakers with specific instructions as provided by the organizers on how to submit their abstract via the online submission form

- communicating the ASSIGNED SESSION NUMBER to your invited presenters so they can indicate this number in the online form when submitting their abstract. This is imperative to assist us with assuring the right speakers are assigned to the correct session.

- making sure your session presenters each submit an abstract for their talk by the November 1st deadline

- informing your session presenters in advance there is a $25.00 abstract submission fee

- informing your invited presenters they are permitted to give ONE TALK ONLY to allow as many people as possible to give oral presentations. NO EXCEPTIONS. If an individual is contacted by more than one session organizer to speak – they will have to choose only one session in which to present.

- making sure your speakers register for the conference by the deadline and let them know in advance they are required to pay the full registration fee to attend the conference;

- confirming a moderator to oversee the session (You may serve in this role, as long as you are not also scheduled to speak in the same session.)

NOTE: All dedicated session organizers, speakers, moderators, panelists and poster presenters are expected to register for the conference by April 15, 2013 and pay the applicable registration fee to confirm their participation. THERE IS NO ONE DAY FEE (no exceptions);

- adhering to published deadlines and communicating these deadlines to your speakers

- finding a replacement speaker if one of your session presenters cancels (we recommend you have a back-up speaker lined up in advance for your session.)

- providing organizers with an EXCEL grid of your confirmed session agenda by January 15, 2013. NOTE: We will provide you with a template into which you enter the formal title for your session, the name of the moderator, all speaker names and speaker talk titles. This grid will then be placed into the MASTER compilation of all dedicated sessions to be scheduled in the agenda.

- We will email you the list of received abstract submissions on Monday, October 22. You will need to peruse the list and quickly verify all of your speakers submitted their abstracts. If not – it is your responsibility to contact them and remind them to submit an abstract for their talk.

- Again, we will email you a TEMPLATE to fill in the session title, moderator name, and speaker names and talk titles in the recommended order. This completed AGENDA GRID is due back to us absolutely no later than Tuesday, January 15, 2013. THIS DEADLINE WILL NOT BE EXTENDED.

Session Time Allowance

There is limited time and meeting space available for sessions at NCER 2013; therefore, the plan is to accept a limited number of proposed sessions on key topical issues and concepts. Time allotted for proposed sessions will be a minimum of 1.5 hours and a maximum of 4.5 hours. Be sure to indicate the amount of time you think you will need to conduct the session when developing your proposal. If you have questions about developing a presentation and programmatic format for the session, please contact Mr. Rob Daoust by email or telephone (954-414-9016) before submitting your proposal.

NOTE: NCER '13 reserves the right not to accept proposed sessions if time/space is limiting, and to cancel any session if deadlines are missed by the session organizers.

Important Deadlines for Developing Sessions

August 6, 2012

Session Proposal submission deadline

August 22, 2012

Proposal Status Notifications Distributed

August 27, 2012

Call for Abstracts Distributed

October 23, 2012 We will email you the master list of abstracts so you can verify your invited speakers submitted theirs.

November 1, 2012      

Abstract Submission Deadline (All session presenters are required to submit an abstract via the online abstract submittal form).

January 15, 2013 Session organizers must email us the AGENDA GRID for their session including confirmed speaker names, exact talk titles, the order of presentation and moderator information. We will email you a TEMPLATE to fill in all required information. It is a quick and simple process and should not take you more than 15 minutes to complete.
March 1, 2013

We will email session presenters the scheduled day, date and time of their talk and specific session assignments.

April 2, 2013 All speakers, poster presenters, moderators and panelists must register for the conference and pay the applicable registration fee to confirm their participation in the program.

Deadline for Session Proposals has passed!


Thank you to our sponsors


CLICK HERE to open PDF of Program Book including
Conference Abstracts

Conference Deadlines

Abstract Submission Deadline:
 - January 7, 2013


Notification of Selected Presenters:
 - March 1, 2013


Deadline for Presenters to Register & Confirm Participation:
 - April 15, 2013


Early Registration Deadline:
 - May 17, 2013


Hotel Registration Deadline:
 - June 14, 2013


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