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August 21-25, 2011
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
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OPTIONAL Pre-Conference Technical Workshops

Monday, August 1st
(Registration: 8:30am; Workshop: 9am-12noon)
Workshop Fee: $75 per registrant

ADVANCE REGISTRATION is required to participate in a Pre-conference Workshop:
Space availability for each workshop varies. Please note the number of participants individual workshops are limited to is published at the bottom of each flyer. Participants will be enrolled in the order in which their registration is received, but no later than Friday, July 1st.

All Workshop participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completion.

Note: A fee of $75.00 is required to support morning and mid-day refreshments, audio visual equipment, meeting space and room set up by NCER conference organizers.

Click here to print one PDF of ALL workshop flyers. Individuals flyers may be accessed through the PDF links below.

Assessing Cumulative Ecosystem Effects of Multiple Restoration Projects

The intent of this workshop is to present an approach to answering the question, “When can we conclude that conservation and restoration projects have together made a significant improvement in the ecosystem?” Because of the high cost of restoration projects, it is critical to document whether actions are successful.

The number of participants will be limited to 60.

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Challenges and Opportunities Common to Large-Scale Adaptive Management Programs

CAMNet is dedicated to the advancement of practical applications of Adaptive Management and collaboration. One method CAMNet employs is to hold an interactive session that brings a diverse group of CAMNet members together with the leaders and stakeholders of a program actively applying Collaborative Adaptive Management. The interactive session provides an opportunity for the leaders and stakeholders of the local program to use CAMNet as a sounding board for their thoughts and application efforts. CAMNet members are able to learn from the local program and share their insights and experiences with the program leaders and stakeholders. The diversity of the CAMNet members will provide access to a broad and deep experience in applying Adaptive Management that is not easily assembled or conveyed in other forums. The session will be less focused on a specific outcome and more focused on producing healthy and useful dialog among the participants. The dialog will be primarily between the CAMNet members and the leaders and stakeholders of the local program, but will provide opportunities for interactions with the larger audience attending the session.

The number of participants will be limited to 60.

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New Strategies and Tools for Organizing and Funding Large-scale, Regional Ecosystem and Watershed Restoration

The objective of the proposed workshop is to acquaint attendees with software and approaches to dealing with the challenge of integrating the many forms of renewal that must be addressed when planning or implementing large-scale ecological and/or watershed restoration projects.

The number of participants will be limited to 60.

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