About LERS

Society for Ecological Restoration

Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration Section

The Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration Section (LERS) became the first Thematic Section of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) in 2013. It is intended to foster collaboration on common interests across the global SER network, enabling the best and brightest from across the globe to collaborate together to advance a specific ecosystem restoration topic. LERS provides a forum for exchanging ideas, approaches, lessons learned, and data relevant to the planning, policy, science, and engineering of large-scale ecosystem restoration programs.

LERS addresses ecosystem restoration themes ranging from defining and measuring success, adaptive management and adaptive governance to linking science with management decision-making. Current issues include novel ecosystems, ecosystem goods and services, urban ecosystem restoration, and climate change and ecosystem resilience.

The mission of the LERS community of practice is to:

  • Advance public education and enlightenment concerning large-scale ecosystem resources;
  • Provide a forum for an interchange of ideas, approaches, lessons learned, and data developed relevant to planning, policy, science, and engineering of large-scale ecosystem restoration;
  • Develop and encourage large-scale ecosystem restoration as a discipline by supporting student education, curriculum development, and research; and
  • Encourage and evaluate the educational, scientific, engineering, and technological development and advancement of all branches of large-scale ecosystem restoration and practice.

To learn more and be affiliated with the LERS community, visit here:

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