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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Training Courses

Basic HACCP Training for the Food Industry
January 13-14, 2016  |  May 11-12, 2016  |  August 3-4, 2016


Basic HACCP Training


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Meet the Instructors

Dr. Chad Carr, Ph.D.
Dr. Carr is an Assistant Professor - Extension Meat Specialist (70% Extension). His duties include serving as coordinator for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Systems (HACCP) training to meat and poultry processors within the in the state. Additionally, he works to provide educational programs in meat and livestock evaluation to youth, niche marketing strategies to livestock producers and meat processors, and meat safety and quality training to Florida’s extensive food service industry. Specialties include: USDA Food Regulations, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Systems, Niche Marketing Programs, Fresh Meat Quality, and Youth Programs in Meats and Livestock

Dr. Jason Scheffler
Dr. Scheffler is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences. He is an instructor for Introduction to Animal Science and a co-instructor for the Meat technology and HACCP Systems courses. He recently arrived from Virginia Tech where part of his duties included managing the Virginia Tech Meats Center. Currently, he conducts both applied and basic research impacting animal growth efficiency and meat quality with the long-term goal to identify management practices or intervention strategies that reduce the cost of meat production while maintaining or improving the quality of the end product. Dr Scheffler’s extension program has a primary focus of improving the production, utilization, value, and sustainability of muscle foods.

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