Abstract Preparation & Submittal Instructions
for Florida Bay Ecosystem Participants

Joint Conference on the Science and Restoration
of the Greater Everglades and Florida Bay Ecosystem

"From Kissimmee to the Keys

Westin Innisbrook l Palm Harbor, Florida l April 13-18, 2003

Submission Deadline: January 10, 2003

Abstract Preparation

NOTE: There will be no opportunity to submit a revised abstract.

Abstracts should be prepared (saved) in ONE of the following digital formats:

  • Microsoft Word (2000 or below)
  • WordPerfect (v 6.x or below)
  • Rich Text Format (an available "save as" option on most current word processors)

Abstracts should be formatted as follows: (on a standard 8.5" X 11" page)

  • Set margins at 1.5", top, bottom and sides. Abstract shall be no longer than THREE pages in length (including any graphs and figures).
  • Use Times Roman font at a size of 12 points.
  • Type abstract title flush left on a line without any formatting. Type title in upper and lower case, standard title format.
  • List senior author first.
  • Bold presenting author.
  • Group authors by affiliation. Do not include professional titles. Type affiliation below author lines. Include ONLY the affiliation name, city, state, country in abstract listing. (Do not include full mailing address at the top of the abstract.)
  • Type body single spaced without any indents or tabs. DOUBLE SPACE BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS.
  • Apply bolding, italics, underlining, superscripts and subscripts in your main text as you want to appear in your final abstract.
  • Graph/Figure Instructions:
    - Embed graphs or figures into the word processing document as independent objects; do not dynamically link from other programs.
    - Avoid the use of shading in graphs. If possible use cross-hash marks or dots, etc.
    - If possible graphics and photos should be in black and white as the Abstract Book will not be produced in color.
    - Additionally, you should attach separate files of all your graphs or figures in high resolution JPEG (.jpg) or TIFF (.tif) to your email -- (300 dpi or better). EPS (.eps) files may be accepted only if any fonts have first been converted to outlines.

Sample Abstract

The Florida Bay Water Table

Delta J. Waters, and Marshal R. Mangroves
University of Knowledge, Wisdom, CT

Lily Hyacinth
Swamp College, Everglades City, FL

This is the abstract main text. Do not tab or indent. Double space between paragraphs. Apply bold, italics, underlines, superscripts and subscripts as appropriate. Use Times Roman font (or other serif, proportional font) at a size of 12 points.

List senior author first. Bold presenter. Group authors by affiliation. Do not include professional titles. Type affiliation below author lines. Include only the affiliation name, city and state in abstract listing.

Delta, Waters, University of Knowledge, 1234 Anyplace Way, Wisdom, FL, 33000,
Phone: 305-555-5555, Fax: 305-555-5000, djw@mynet.net, Question 4

Abstract Submission: (Note: All fields are required, if necessary, you may enter "None" or "NA" into a field.)

Presenter's First Name: 
Presenter's Last Name:

Mailing address:
Zip/Postal Code:  
Phone number: 
FAX number:
Email address:
Oral Presentation    /  
Poster Presentation
Program Topic:  
Title of Abstract:

Abstract File Submittal: (Click on Browse, locate your abstract and double click on the document name. The file location and name will automatically appear in the box, and the document will be embedded for submission.) -- Files must be named with ONLY letters or numbers, or combinations thereof. Symbols (dashes, etc.), spaces or commas will not properly transmit. DO NOT USE A SPACE IN YOUR ABSTRACT FILE NAME OR IT WILL NOT TRANSMIT.

  • NOTE:
    - Name abstract file with author's last name and initials and subsequent numbers, if more than one abstract is being submitted. Do not use spaces or commas when naming the file..
    EXAMPLE: SmithJR2.doc
    - Files must be named with ONLY letters or numbers, or combinations thereof. Symbols (dashes, etc.) or spaces will not properly transmit. 

  • Do NOT use a space or comma in your filename.

  • When using the "Browse" function, you may need to change the "File Type" to "All Files" (*.*) or Word Documents (*.doc) to find your abstract on your computer. 

  • Be sure to indicate the presenting author's FULL CONTACT INFORMATION at the end of the abstract.

  • All correspondence will be made with the presenting author via email.

Any comments or remarks you would like to submit with your abstract:

NOTE: Beth Miller-Tipton will email you a Formal CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT within 5 working days. If you do not receive confirmation from her via email, please contact her to verify that your abstract was received.

Any other questions concerning abstract submissions should be referred to Beth Miller-Tipton, Conference Coordinator at 352-392-5930, Fax: 352-392-4044,
Email: bmiller-tipton@mail.ifas.ufl.edu

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