Optional Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday, April 17, 2017 – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Cost to Participate: $25.00

GEER 2017 features two optional pre conference workshops. Indicate your interest in participating when registering online. Attendance is limited for both workshops. Register as soon as possible to secure a seat.

Workshop One

Water, Energy and Carbon Cycling Within the Greater Everglades Ecosystem

This workshop will exchange scientific ideas regarding the historic, current and future condition of Everglade's water, energy and carbon cycles - including possible management actions to improve ecosystem services, resiliency, and recreational wilderness experiences.

Topics include (1) atmospheric exchanges of greenhouse gases measured with soil gas-traps and eddy-covariance methods; (2) regional-scale remotely-sensed carbon uptake rates; (3) lateral hydrologic fluxes of dissolved / particulate organic/inorganic carbon within key drainage features (4) the role of fire, hydro-period and hurricanes in long-term net radiative forcing; (5) geologic and geophysical delineation of peat soil thickness and historic changes in thickness; and (6) soil oxidation / preservation strategies such as hydration and flooding. Lessons learned from similar wetlands studies are welcomed for discussion of possible transfer-value to the greater Everglades. Location-based working groups will be assembled to discuss scientific posters and identify emerging issues and priorities for future study.

At conclusion, attendees will have a better understanding of the historic, current and future state of water, energy and carbon cycles within the Greater Everglades. Workshop findings will be used to identify emerging issues and research priorities.

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Workshop Two

Enhancing Engagement & Team Science:
Skills & Strategies to Involve Stakeholders and Strengthen Teams in Everglades Restoration Efforts

Stakeholder engagement is a cornerstone of Everglades restoration. What does it mean and how can we do it effectively? This workshop will provide participants with practical concepts, tools, and approaches to make stakeholder engagement a constructive experience whether you are leading or participating in a given process.

Addressing an issue as large, complex, and dynamic as Everglades restoration requires a specialized set of skills, tools, and strategies to build trust and promote collaboration among competing interest groups. How can we address conflicting needs and perspectives and facilitate inclusive engagement processes?

This interactive and experiential workshop is designed for individuals working with or participating in stakeholder-focused activities. It will provide participants with:

  • An understanding of the value of participatory decision-making
  • A practical framework for situation assessment
  • An opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from one another
  • Tools for identifying and analyzing the roots of conflict
  • Strategies for effective stakeholder interactions

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