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31st Annual


October 24-26, 2011

Royal Plaza Hotel
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

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Pre-Conference Events -- Sunday, October 23, 2011
       (Both Tours Depart in Front of Hotel at 12:30pm and Return at 5:30pm)

Advance registration is required by October 1, 2011. You may choose one (1) tour only. Please note that a tour may be cancelled due to low attendance so register early!


Pre-Conference Tour Option #1: Where Plants Come From

Knox Nursery
An established second-generation family-run business started in 1962, Knox Nursery produces a full line of young plants for the greenhouse industry as well as 4-inch finished plants for landscapes and local theme parks. Producing over 150 million plugs and liners from over 700,000 square feet of high-tech greenhouses, Knox Nursery takes advantage of the Central Florida sun to provide customers a nutrient-packed plant for quicker turns. With over 5000 varieties of plants, from Alyssum to Zinnia, Knox Nursery is “The Bedding Plant Specialist”.

DeRoose Plants
Deroose Plants is a well-established name in horticulture. What once began as a modest family company has grown to be a prominent international enterprise. From branches in Belgium, the United States and China, Deroose Plants breeds and grows a complete line of indoor plants.

Being receptive to new ideas and a close collaboration with the clients, are the keys to the success of Deroose Plants. Creativity in all its aspects forms the basis of the company philosophy.

Deroose Plants markets increasingly more new green and flowering plants – bromeliads and nepenthes, among many others. These plants come from Deroose Plants' own breeding program, or – and in increasing proportion – from the best breeders that collaborate with Deroose Plants.

At the same time, Deroose Plants works with top growers, located all over the world. This allows them to put new products into the market on a larger scale.

By means of well-proven and innovative techniques, Deroose Plants strives to develop the perfect indoor plant.

We are a biological technology company who produce and sell tissue culture liners on a wholesale level. Tissue-culture is the duplication of the original plant we put into production, in doing so we have an exact replica of the "mother" plant. We clone plants!

Our lab technicians use scalpels, microscopes and petri dishes, to produce thousands of little plants from a single, tiny growing tip cut from a superior "mother" plant. Our plants are grown on a gelled nutrient rich medium with growth regulators. They are grown in vessels, on shelves, in a sterile laboratory which is temperature and light controlled. Each plant is disease free and can be virus indexed upon request.

When the plants are large enough to harvest, or to be planted in soil, to allow them to root and grow to 3-5" in height, then they are sold as liners in 72 cell-packs. Using tissue culture means a sample of an endangered plant can be used to grow thousands more. If researchers develop a hybrid with curative properties, Agri-Starts can mass-produce it.

Our Mission

  • Provide our customers with a competitive advantage in the market place

  • Provide leadership and support for the nursery industry

  • Provide our owners and technicians with opportunities for unlimited growth

...was founded in September 1984 in Apopka, FL by Randall E. Strode and Gerri Abner. They began producing and selling tissue culture liners to the wholesale nursery industry, specializing in Alocasia, Musa, Spathiphyllum and Syngonium.

Advance registration is required by October 1, 2011. You may choose one (1) tour only. Please note that a tour may be cancelled due to low attendance so register early!

Pre-Conference Tour Option #2: Where Plants End Up --- FILLED

Harry P. Leu Gardens
Harry P. Leu Gardens features paved scenic walkways for a self guided, self paced visit that takes you through fifty acres of southern styled gardens including:

  • America's third largest Camellia collection

  • Three acres of idea gardens for weekend projects

  • The largest formal rose garden in Florida.

  • A National Historic House dating from the 1880's.

  • Two acre Tropical Stream Garden

  • Vegetable and Herb Garden

  • Butterfly Garden

  • Palm, bamboo and cycad gardens

The Mission of Harry P. Leu Gardens is to inspire people to appreciate and understand plants, the environment of Central Florida and the Gardens' historic significance.

The tour will start with a guided tour and then you will be provided time to explore the gardens on your own.

Lukas Nursery
Lukas Nursery not only has the largest selection of landscape, patio and indoor plants around, but also one of the largest native butterfly conservatories in the state of Florida. Our dedicated staff of Florida Certified Horticultural Professionals, Master Gardeners, and landscape design specialists are here to help you get the job done right the first time.

Advance registration is required by October 1, 2011. You may choose one (1) tour only. Please note that a tour may be cancelled due to low attendance so register early!


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