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31st Annual


October 24-26, 2011

Royal Plaza Hotel
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

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Agenda with Presentations                              Printable Agenda (PDF) as of 10/05/2011

Many of the speakers agreed to share their presentations online. You may view those presentations
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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Optional Preconference Tours


Monday, October 24, 2011


Registration Open


Continental Breakfast


Welcome and Opening Remarks:
Dean Ferrer-Chancy
and Tom Wichman


General Session 1 Robert Bowden, Director of Harry P. Leu Gardens

Groceries from the Garden
When asked about fruits and vegetables for the dinner table, homeowners in Florida are focused on “home grown” or “buy local.” In this enlightening and fun-filled presentation, hear from Robert Bowden, Director of Orlando’s Leu Gardens and author of the Guide to Florida Fruit and Vegetable Gardening, as he describes the seven best reasons to “grow your own.” 


Refreshment Break


General Session 2 Lance Osborne, UF

What’s New in IPM
Learn the latest techniques and strategies to implement your own IPM program and learn how to share this information with the clients that come into your office.


Lunch on Own
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UF/IFAS Bookstore Open


Concurrent Session 1


FFL Update, GI-BMP Trainer Update and Ordinances Esen Momol, Don Rainey, Brian Niemann, Jane Tolbert and Claire Lewis, UF
Hear the latest updates and information from the FFL team. Find out how you can become a GI-BMP Trainer and information about new ordinances.


Turf Selection Laurie Trenholm, UF
Discover which turf types are best for different areas and which selections of the various types that might make the wisest choice.  [PRESENTATION]


The Lazy Gardener Lynn Barber, UF
The Lazy Gardener is a very entertaining talk full of helpful ideas to save you time and money in your landscape. What you will learn today if it’s not too tiring is how to have a beautiful garden while maintaining a lazy gardener life style, tips and tricks and low maintenance plants. It’s easy to be a lazy gardener if you follow the rules which include: right plant /right place, hydro-zoning, size and KISS. Topics covered are plant selections, fertilization, limitations to lazy gardening, lazy pest management and the rewards of laziness.  [PRESENTATION]


Camellias Robert Bowden, Director of Harry P. Leu Gardens
Harry P. Leu Gardens has a vast collection of Camellias. Learn which varieties to plant and how to be successful with them. Robert will share his favorites and let you see what is hot and new.


Concurrent Session 2


FFL Landscape Advisor Training  – Brian Niemann, Claire Lewis and Laura Sanagorski , UF
This session is intended for Master Gardeners new to the landscape recognition process. At the end of this class you should feel comfortable conducting a landscape visit on your own. The Landscape Advisor Manual will be presented in detail with plenty of time for discussion and sharing. 


Success with Fruit in Florida Robert Wallace, Chestnut Hill Tree Farm
Learn what crops you can be successful with and what varieties will perform best for your part of the state. From North Florida to South Florida we all can be planting edibles.  [PRESENTATION]


New Foliage Plants Liz Felter, UF
See what new plants are hitting the market to help beautify our homes. You will also learn about the benefits that these indoor beauties can provide.  [PRESENTATION]


Household PestsPhil Koehler, UF
Find out what may be bugging you. Find out the latest insect pests that may be invading your home or the home of your clients. Learn the latest control strategies to address these creepy crawlies.


Refreshment Break
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Concurrent Session 3


Turf and FFL  –  Laurie Trenholm, UF
Can Turf and a Florida-Friendly Landscape co-exist? Find out from our turf specialist how turf can be part of a Florida-Friendly Landscape and tips to provide homeowners on how to make their yard more Florida-Friendly.  [PRESENTATION]


Shade GardeningSydney Park Brown, UF
Not all shade is created equal! Learn to assess shady situations and how to garden in these often difficult spots. Some outstanding shade tolerant plants will also be discussed.  [PRESENTATION]


New PestsCatharine Mannion, UF
Learn which pests we should be looking out for.  [PRESENTATION]


Community GardeningJoe Sewards, UF
Learn how to get a community garden started in your community and how to keep it going.  [PRESENTATION]


General Session 3  –  Erin Alvarez, UF and Steve Kelly, Scotts

Sustainable Gardening (or as we used to call it, Gardening)
Sustainability is a word that you can't avoid these days. We all know that it's important, but it seems like the more you hear it, the less sense it makes. The good news is that many traditional garden practices are very sustainable, and others can be made so with a few minor adjustments. Come hear what's new (and new again) about sustainable gardening. Whether your garden is circa 1910 or 2010, before you know it you'll be saying, 'Of course it's a sustainable garden-but you can really just call it a garden!'


Welcome Reception Poolside


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Registration Open


Continental Breakfast


UF/IFAS Bookstore Open


4-H Hort. ID and Judging Contest


General Session 4 Leah Diehl and Lesley Fleming, American Horticultural Therapy Association

Flower Power: The People-Plant Connection
In the spirit of the infamous top ten list, this session will take a look at some fascinating facts about the power of plants and nature in influencing human behavior. What do plant fragrance, the fascination theory, and forest bathing have in common? Come find out and learn why we do what we do in the garden. Whether you’re looking to add depth to your horticulture work or just for a unique conversation starter at your next cocktail party, this session is sure to provide some fun and useful information that will add to your people-plant knowledge base.


Refreshment Break
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Concurrent Session 4


Florida-Friendly Landscape Materials Brian Niemann, UF
This class will provide an overview of sustainable landscape materials. Starting with a worst-case scenario of the materials present in a typical suburban landscape, the concept of Reduce/Reuse/Recycle is applied to landscape material selection with a focus on embodied energy of the chosen materials. How can the typical landscape be reimagined with materials that apply the principles learned in this module?


Shade GardeningSydney Park Brown, UF
Not all shade is created equal! Learn to assess shady situations and how to garden in these often-difficult spots. Some outstanding shade tolerant plants will also be discussed.  [PRESENTATION]


Attracting Wildlife to the Landscape Lloyd Singleton, UF  
We all like to see wildlife in our landscapes. Learn what things you can do in your landscape to make it more friendly for wildlife.


Citrus Pest UpdateSteve Futch, UF
Find out the latest UF recommendations about how to handle citrus canker, citrus greening and other diseases. Learn how to handle samples, what to tell the public and what the future may hold for the industry.  [PRESENTATION]


Boxed Lunches


Concurrent Session 5


FFL Listening Session Esen Momol, Don Rainey, Brian Niemann, Jane Tolbert and Claire Lewis, UF
Get answers to your questions and share your thoughts about the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program.


Tea Time with Dr. Bart Bart Schutzman, UF
Travel the globe with Dr. Bart Schutzman as he surveys the world’s most popular drink. In its many names, forms and traditions, tea has been tightly woven into the fabric of human society for thousands of years. Pour yourself a cup of hot horticulture.  [PRESENTATION]


Secrets of the Pros Lloyd Singleton, UF
Hear about the strategies and techniques that the professional landscapes use to tackle common landscape problems and how to make your landscape every bit as beautiful as a theme park.  [PRESENTATION]


Citrus Pest UpdateSteve Futch, UF
Find out the latest UF recommendations about how to handle Citrus Canker, Citrus Greening and other diseases. Learn how to handle samples, what to tell the public, and what the future may hold for the industry.


Concurrent Session 6


FFL Success StoriesEsen Momol and Jane Tolbert, UF
The Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ (FFL) program relies on science-based education and public outreach to promote environmentally friendly landscape practices that protect Florida’s water and natural resources from nonpoint source pollution. FFL success stories demonstrating reduced water use, reduced fertilizer and pesticide use, and reduced maintenance costs by implementing FFL practices will be presented.  [PRESENTATION 1]  [PRESENTATION 2]


Backyard Bee KeepingRichard Martyniak, The Buzzkillers, LLC, an affiliate
Learn how you can add an active bee hive to your landscape. This may not be for everyone, but come learn why so many people are buzzing about this worthwhile hobby.  [PRESENTATION]


Patio and Small Space GardeningErin Alvarez, UF
Learn how to make the most of a small area. Just because you don’t have a lot of space doesn’t mean that you can’t do a lot. See new ideas and approaches to beautifying these small spaces.  [PRESENTATION]


New Pests Catharine Mannion, UF
Learn which pests we should be looking out for.  [PRESENTATION]


Participants on own
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Horticulture Auction


Dinner on own


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Registration Open


UF/IFAS Bookstore Open


Plated Breakfast


Florida Master Gardener Professorship  [PRESENTATION]

Awards Program: Dean Obreza and Tom Wichman, UF  [PRESENTATION]




General Session 5  – Tom MacCubbin, UF Extension Agent Emeritus

Gardening Challenges

Florida gardening is not always easy. Some of the easy things keep us from being great gardeners and often it is just adjusting to the local growing conditions. What are some of your gardening challenges? I have picked some for this presentation that have year after year given gardeners problems. It’s the simple stumpers you need to know about and they are not always the same for each gardener every year.  [PRESENTATION]


Conference Concludes


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