Master Gardener Volunteer Fun Workshops

Tuesday, October 18, 2022
3:00pm – 4:00pm

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Three plants wrapped in moss containers

Make a Kokedama

Price: $10 materials fee to participate
Attendance Limit: 50 people

Kokedama is a Japanese garden art form that uses a ball of moss to create a plant growing container. The word kokedama translates from koke meaning moss and dama meaning ball. The moss ball container can be fixed to a platform or suspended from a wire or string. Learn how to create one of these unique spherical planters out of moist moss. Join UF/IFAS Polk County Extension Agent Anne Yasalonis to create your own kokedama that you will take home.

Shiitake mushrooms in box

Growing Mushrooms

Price: $10 materials fee to participate
Attendance Limit: 65 people

If you haven’t tried your hand at growing mushrooms yet, now might be the time! You will be thrilled with how quickly you can produce shiitake mushrooms in your own home. Watching them double in size is fascinating and exciting. These mushrooms are not only delicious – they’re nutritious! UF/IFAS Manatee County Extension Agent Alyssa Vinson will walk you through the process of growing Shiitake mushrooms on pre-drilled logs.

Lady performing yoga

Yoga for Gardeners

Price: FREE
No Attendance Limit

Staying flexible is imperative for gardeners to remain active and enjoy gardening for many years to come. Yoga for gardeners blends gentle yoga stretches and calming breath work to keep your body nimble and your mind present. Join UF/IFAS St. Johns County Extension Agent Terra Freeman for a yoga practice that will focus on stretching your gardening muscles and provide postures that will help you stay limber in the garden and in life.

Hand holding tea container

Yaupon Brothers Tea

Price: FREE
No Attendance Limit

Yaupon Holly is the only naturally caffeinated plant species that is native to the U.S. This Florida native plant was used by indigenous people in the Southeast as a tea to bestow energy and clarity. Yaupon Brothers American Tea Company was started in Edgewater, Florida. Here they organically produce Yaupon holly leaves and roast several blends of delicious tea. Learn about the Yaupon holly, and the Yaupon Brothers Tea Company from co-founder Bryon White.

Important Details about Participating in the Fun Workshops:
  • These activities are offered on a first-come, first-served, basis for in-person attendees only.
  • Advance registration is required. Registration opens in June. Sessions will fill quickly so register early.
  • Because supplies are purchased in advance, refunds will not be issued if you cancel participation in a paid workshop.

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