42nd School of Structural Fumigation

February 19-23, 2024   |   Fort Lauderdale Research & Education Center

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Fort Lauderdale Research & Education Center

3205 College Avenue
Davie, Florida 33314

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Florida Fumigation Manual

To help prepare for the Fume school and for the state exam, the Florida Fumigation manual 2021 is now available.

Download Manual (PDF)

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Please read all instructions on this page prior to registering for the event!

Join us for the only program of its kind in the world; the 42nd School of Structural Fumigation. All students will receive notebooks containing all presented topics, labels, and regulations.

Important: On this page you can only register to the Fume school. If you plan on taking the state exam for Fumigator and SPID, you must register independently to the state exam with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).

The paper application (mail-in) deadline for the state exam is is January 12, 2024 and the on-line application is due January 31, 2024.

School of Structural Fumigation

This unique course offers:

  • A complete review of all technical aspects of structural fumigation
  • Instruction by a team of over 15 qualified and experienced professionals, manufacturer reps and University of Florida faculty
  • A combination of classroom and field demonstrations
  • Hands-on training with fumigation equipment including: fumiscope, interscan, SF ExplorIR, rate calculators and SCBA
  • Instruction in avoiding costly fumigation errors with “tips from the professionals”
  • Updates on recent fumigation research and changes in labeling and regulations
  • Limited class size allows more individual attention for participants
  • Florida’s SPID and fumigation examinations offered by FDACS at the completion of the course course (you must register independently for attending the examination, see above)
  • Instruction in identifying structural pests controlled by fumigants
  • Fumigating for Bed Bugs

Corporate Advantages

School of Structural Fumigation

Join the companies that have wisely taken advantage of this unique educational opportunity. There is a demand for highly qualified, trained fumigators. Significantly more people pass the Fumigation and SPID exam upon completion of the course and review.

This one-week course is organized and sponsored with the help of fumigation industry members, manufacturers, suppliers, FDACS personnel, and University of Florida faculty. Instruction is given by a team of qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in structural fumigation.

All aspects of structural fumigation will be covered. Activities include 38 hours of classroom, lab, and workshop instruction plus two actual on-site structural fumigations.

Fumigation Professionals! Are you missing business opportunities because you are unaware of recent technological changes? Are you taking advantage of improvements in fumigation practices? Are you aware of changes in rules, regulations, and fumigant labeling? Do you have the time and facilities to provide your employees a thorough education in structural fumigation techniques?

Enroll Now!

The opportunity is here — all you have to do is take advantage of it! Program is limited to a maximum of 60 students (minimum 25).

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"The course’s organization and methodology, as well as the varied and the interesting presentation, made learning a difficult and other wise dreary subject easy and enjoyable. Your choice of instructors, who were so personable, humorous and accessible, made all the difference. We wanted to express our appreciation and earned recognition, which is rarely practiced today, even when well deserved."

Andres & Daniel Nogues  |  Miami, Florida  |  November 2017 Fumigation School Students

"I was extremely impressed with the training at the…School of Structural Fumigation. The expert instruction, course work and opportunities for hands on learning … has direct applicability to those performing structural fumigation … or for [those] who regulate this pest control service. I fully recommend this course for both the fumigator and government official."

Michael J. Page  |  Chief, Bureau of Entomology & Pest Control  |  Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services

"The UF Fume School is by far the most complete course for fumigation. The on-site instruction for the actual structural fumigation process is unbeatable for a direct and hands-on approach to learning."

Sean Brantley  |  Certified Fumigator and former Chair  |  Florida Fumigation Advisory Council

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Tentative Agenda

Day 1 - Monday
7:30am Registration
8:00am Orientation
8:30am Welcome
8:50am School History, Fumigation Manual
9:15am Break
9:30am Vehicles/Transport/DOT
10:30am Measure/Graph
11:30am Lab: Measuring Models
12:00pm Group Lunch
1:00pm Lab: Measuring Models
1:45pm Team Assignments/Procedures
2:00pm Outdoor Activities (30 min each):
  1. Sealing Techniques
  2. DOT Truck Demo
  3. Clamping Techniques
  4. Rolling and Storage
4:30pm Clean-up
4:45pm Review
5:00pm Adjourn

Day 2 - Tuesday
7:30am Quiz
8:00am Dosage Calculation - Dow Calculator
8:30am Dosage Calculation - Ensystex Software
9:00am Dosage Calculation Lab
9:30am Break
9:45am Physical Properties
10:45am Introducing Vikane
11:45am Monitoring
12:15pm Group Lunch & Termite Detection Equipment
1:15pm Equipment Workshop (30 min each):
  1. Introduction of Vikane
  2. Monitoring Equipment
  3. Clearance of Vikane
  4. SCBA
4:00pm Fumigation Economics
4:45pm Review/Homework Assignment
5:00pm Adjourn

Day 3 - Wednesday
7:30am Quiz
8:00am Safety with Fumigants
9:00am Interior Prep, Homeowner Checklist
10:00am Break
10:15am Vikane Aeration Procedures
11:00am Fumiguide Homework Review
11:45am Soil Classification & Characteristics
12:15pm Site Lunch, Observe Tenting Procedures
1:00pm First Fume Site Stations (20 min each):
  1. Interior Preparation
  2. Exterior Preparation
  3. Dosage/HLT Calculation
  4. Shooting Set-Up
2:30pm Review
2:40pm Vikane Introduction, Shoot Truck Setup
3:00pm Second Fume Site Stations (20 min each):
  1. RDA Fumiscope
  2. Measuring Practice
  3. Leak Checks, QAR
  4. Standard Fumiscopes
4:30pm Fog-Out, Damage Demonstration
5:00pm Review/Homework Assignment
5:15pm Adjourn

Day 4 - Thursday
7:30am Quiz
8:00am Site: Tarp Removal, Storage, Aeration
8:45am State Fumigation Inspections
9:30am Dosage Calculation Review
10:00am Break
10:15am Target Pests
11:15am Target Pest ID Lab
12:00pm Group Lunch
1:00pm USDA Quarantine Fumigations
1:30pm Commodity Fumigation
2:30pm Fume Site Stations (20 min each):
  1. Clearance Testing
  2. Interscan Calibration
  3. HLT/Dosage Review
  4. Site Clean-up Review
3:50pm Target Pest, Landscape Toxicity
4:30pm Review of Florida State Laws
5:30pm Adjourn

Day 5 - Friday
7:30am Alternative/Partial Treatments
8:15am Local Chemical Treatment
8:30am Team Problem Solving
9:00am Team Presentations
9:45am Break
10:00am Specialty Jobs 1
10:40am Specialty Jobs 2
11:00am Fumigation of Insects
12:00pm Final Exam
1:00pm Awards Luncheon
CONCLUSION (if not taking State Exam Review)
2:00pm SPID & FL Fume Exam Review (optional)
5:00pm Adjourn

Day 6 - Saturday (Exam)
8:00am - 12:00pm Fumigation Exam (4 hours)
SPID Exam (3 hours)

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SPID and Fumigation Exams

For those wishing to be a Certified Operator or SPID cardholder in Florida, the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (FDACS) is offering the Special ID Card (SPID) and Fumigation Exams on the Saturday following the School of Structural Fumigation. If interested in taking either exam, please complete and submit a FDACS exam application along with the required fees to: Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement, FDACS, P. O. Box 6710, Tallahassee, FL 32314-6710. You must fit the requirements necessary to apply for state exams.

The paper application (mail-in) deadline for the state exam is is January 12, 2024 and the on-line application is due January 31, 2024.

For applications or if you have questions, please call the Bureau directly at 850-617-7997; ask for the “Exam Desk”.

FDACS Exam Fees*

$200 SPID Exam (Special Identification Card - Fumigation)
$300 Fumigation Certification Exam

* Fees are to be paid directly to FDACS as instructed above.

Examination Preparation

Throughout the course, we’ll cover most of the material on the certification exams. We also highly recommend that you register for the exam review session (for a nominal fee of $25) to be held on Friday from 2-5pm. The review is conducted by an instructor from FDACS Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control. When registering for the Fumigation School, be sure to indicate if you are attending the review session.

To help prepare for the Fume school and for the state exam, the Florida Fumigation manual 2021 is now available:

Paper Exam Application

If you choose to fill out a paper application and mail it in. (It takes 3 weeks or more to process)

Fill out the Exam Application, forms 13627 and 13653, and attach a check and mail it all to the address on the forms. www.fdacs.gov/Forms

Online Application for the State Examination

Below are the steps to apply on-line:
1) Be Sure to Qualify

To qualify for CPO exam – a person needs a High School diploma and a minimum of 3 years of experience documented on 13627. For Fumigation, they will need 15 fumigation jobs listed on form 13653 (only the first page).

To qualify for SPID exam – person needs a current/valid Employee ID card with a pest control licensee that has a COIC for fumigation, and 15 fumigation jobs listed on form 13653.

2) Before You Begin

Please download the following documents:

Completely fill out both forms and make sure everyone has signed everything and then scan them back into the computer you will use to apply for the exam on-line. (Please remember where you scanned them into your computer so you can find them again.)

For Certified Operators

You will also need to scan a copy of your high school diploma onto the same computer.

3) Payment

Make sure you have a credit card available (If someone other than the applicant is entering the information, make sure that you can reach the person in case you need Dates of Birth or other information that we ask for. You cannot stop once you begin.)

Now, you’re ready to use the site. Go to: https://aesecomm.fdacs.gov

Step by Step Application Process:

  1. Sign in (Click on “New User” to create an account if you don’t have one yet)
  2. Go to the “Pest Control chapter 482” section (Structural/Residential)
  3. Click on “Exam Sign Up”
  4. Then you’ll need to select the exam you want. If you qualify with High School diploma, 3 years of experience and 15 jobs, you select the “Pest Control Operator Certificate Exam Application” button and click on Next. If you are applying to the SPID exam, you’ll select the bottom listing (a SPID only needs a valid ID card (working for a company with a COIC of fumigation) and 15 jobs. Click “Next”.
  5. Select your option (first time applicant, add a new category to your existing certificate, retake the exam). Type in your Pest Control employee card information (JExxxx)
  6. Upload the information and form requested (13627, 13653)
  7. Proceed to Payment.

NOTE: IF YOU STOP AT ANYTIME AND DO NOT GO COMPLETELY THROUGH THE ENTIRE PROCESS – you will have to START OVER - the system does NOT SAVE ANYTHING as you progress through the input screens until after payment at the VERY END of the process.

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Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Florida License Holders

After completing the course, certified operators and SPIDs can receive up to six CEUs (two Core, two Termite, two Fumigation). Requirements for awarding CEUs vary by state. Ask your state Certification Office about CEU and renewal requirements. Fumigators wishing to earn CEUs and have them applied toward license renewal must present a Commercial, Public and/or Private License. For questions about CEUs, contact: Thomas Chouvenc , Phone: (954) 577-6320; Email: tomchouv@ufl.edu

A Certificate of Completion and a copy of the program agenda are provided at the end of the course. To apply for CEUs from your state, contact your state's licensing office and provide them with these materials to determine if you are eligible for CEUs.

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Registration Information

Registration proceeds on a first-come, first serve basis.

Payment is due at the time of registration.
Pay using your credit or debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Registration fee includes lunch each day, all course materials, certificate of completion, and much more!
Registration Florida Resident Non-Florida Resident
Early Reduced (on or before January 5, 2024) $600 $650
Regular (after January 5, 2024) $700 $750
* Optional FDACS Friday Exam Review $25

Remember to register with FDACS if taking the state exam.

Refund Policy

Requests for registration refunds will be honored if written notification of cancellation is received on or before January 5, 2024. A $125 processing fee will be deducted from all refunds. No refunds will be honored for cancellations after the applicable deadline. If after the cancellation deadline, you need to transfer your registration to the next scheduled class, a $125 transfer fee will be imposed. Requests for transfers will be honored if notice is provided one week prior to the start of the current class.

Email: kimmer72@ufl.edu

Want to be placed on a wait list?

If you want to be notified when the registration opens for the school, please fill out this form.

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Lodging Information

Make your reservations early. There are over 10 hotels within 3 miles of the Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center, mostly in the city of Plantation.

Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express & Suites: Airport-West

1.1 miles
Phone: 954-585-7071
2540 Davie Road
Davie, FL, US, 33317

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Extended Stay America: Airport-West
Extended Stay America: Airport-West

1.6 miles
Phone: 754-600-3366
5700 Reese Road
Davie, FL 33314

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Extended Stay America
Extended Stay America: Davie

1.7 miles
Phone: 1-954-476-1211
7550 State Rd. 84
Davie, FL 33317

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Sherraton Suites
Sheraton Suites

3.9 miles
Phone: 954-452-3202
311 N University Drive
Plantation, FL 33324

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For Further Information

Program & Training Information:

Thomas Chouvenc

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
UF/IFAS Ft. Lauderdale Research & Education Center
3205 College Avenue
Davie, FL 33314-7719
Phone: (954) 577-6320
Fax: (954) 475-4125
Email: tomchouv@ufl.edu

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Renny Perez

Director, School of Structural Fumigation
UF/IFAS Ft. Lauderdale Research & Education Center
3205 College Avenue
Davie, FL 33314-7799
Phone: (786) 302-4767

The University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) is a federal-state-county partnership dedicated to developing knowledge in agriculture, human and natural resources, and the life sciences, and enhancing and sustaining the quality of human life by making that information accessible. While extending into every community of the state, UF/IFAS has developed an international reputation for its accomplishments in teaching, research and Extension. Because of this mission and the diversity of Florida’s climate and agricultural commodities, IFAS has facilities located throughout Florida.