The International Firefly Symposium 2014

Hotel Room Sharing Sign Up

If you would like to be listed on the symposium hotel room sharing web page, please provide the information below and note the following:

  • Submissions will be posted within three (3) working days

  • This service will require that your name, gender, email address, affiliation, and originating country be posted on a web page accessible by the public.

  • Participants will be responsible for all contacts and arrangements.

  • Once you have located a roommate make certain you do the following:

    • Reserve your hotel room at the Hilton University of Florida specifying two double beds as soon as possible. Double rooms are limited.

    • Communicate to the hotel ALL payment methods (e.g. primary credit card, split bill, etc).

    • Once completed, submit request to remove your name from the hotel room sharing list.

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