The International Firefly Symposium 2014

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Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence – A Traveling Museum Exhibition
-- Marc Branham
, University of Florida (Please contact Marc Branham for information.)


Description of Life Cycle and Preimaginal Stages of Alecton discoidalis Laporte, 1833 under Laboratory Conditions -- Marc Branham, University of Florida (Please contact Marc Branham for information.)


Hydrology Phylogeography of European Fireflies: Five Species in One -- John Day, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (Please contact John Day for information.)


Actualization of the Presence and Distribution of Spanish Fireflies Based on a Five Year Survey (2009-2013) by Means of a Photo-Biodiversity Database -- Raphael De Cock, University of Antwerp

Biodiversity Surveys of Firefly Species: Practical Examples of Small Scale Studies from Southern Spain (2012) and Southeast France (2013) -- Raphael De Cock, University of Antwerp


Call for a Discussion about the Set-Up of a more Standardized Protocol to Adequately Describe the Bioluminescent Behaviors of Fireflies Observed in the Field -- Raphael De Cock, University of Antwerp


Life Cycle and Photic Behavior of Winter Fireflies in the Alishan Area of Southwestern Taiwan
-- Hua-Te Fang
, Endemic Species Research Institute


A Bahamas Population of the Threatened Florida Intertidal Firefly Micronapsis floridana
-- Lynn Faust
, Emory River Land Company


The Shadow Ghosts, Phausis inaccensa: Photographic Notes on Habitat, Seasonality, Mating and Egg Guarding Behaviors and Early Instar Larvae -- Lynn Faust, Emory River Land Company


Photuris Fireflies Threatened with Sea Level Rise in the Delaware and Chesapeake Estuaries
-- Christopher Heckscher
, Delaware State University 


Diversity of Aquatic Fireflies in the Philippines -- Ming-Luen Jeng, National Museum of Natural Science


Hope for Barber’s Fireflies: Photuris in the Washington, DC, Area and in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware -- Heloise Morgan


Structure and Function of the Larval Visual System in the Firefly (Photuris) -- Fred Murphy, University of Connecticut


Pyropyga Sp.: First Invasive Alien Firefly in Japan -- Yuichi Oba, Nagoya University


Genome Size Evolution in North American Fireflies -- Sarah Sander, University of Georgia
(Please contact Sarah Sander for information.)


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